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How can we help you partner with industry?

The mission of Ohio University is focused on education and research. The university has a reputation for successful partnerships with corporations and foundations that have led to breakthrough discoveries. These relationships have taught us that industry partnerships can support the university’s mission in exciting new ways that provide many benefits to our researchers inaccessible via traditional grant funding opportunities. Industry partnerships not only provide research dollars but often result in:

  • Training/educational experiences for both faculty and students
  • Knowledge sharing for curriculum improvement
  • Commercialization of university IP
  • Gifts in kind (equipment)
  • Sponsorships (programs, endowments)
  • Participation on advisory boards
  • Employment opportunities for graduates
  • Additional research and innovation

InPO works with university researchers and institutional entities across all OHIO campuses to promote and improve industry partnerships. A natural result of the InPO collaborations with all stakeholders is valuable insight into ongoing research and the capabilities and resources of the university as a whole. This allows us a unique opportunity to identify potential joint cross/complimentary collaborations with our researchers and industry partnerships.

Furthermore, InPO can guide you through and, at times, navigate for you the entire life cycle of a partnership. This includes helping you to identify potential partners, facilitate discussions to develop the scope of a project, submit proposals, execute agreements, understand IP evaluation and constraints and build long-term repeat relationships. Ultimately, our goal is to make partnering processes clear and efficient for you and our industry partners so they come to recognize our ability to meet their needs.

If you have any questions or wish to engage our help in any industry partnering effort, contact InPO:


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Kevin V. King, Ph.D.
Director of Industry Partnerships

T: 740.593.1775
F: 740.593.0186

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