Office of Research Compliance

IRB Forms 

**  Effective immediately, all IRB submissions must include CITI training completion reports for all investigators.  **

To submit a new proposal for review:

IRB Project Outline Form

Consent Form Templates

Adult Consent Form with Signature

Adult Consent Form without Signature

Parental Consent Form

Online Consent Form

Effective immediately, there can only be one review request to an approved IRB protocol pending at any given time.  This will ensure that IRB member reviewers can thoroughly review amendments and periodic reviews with confidence in the accuracy of the materials being reviewed.  When you submit an amendment or periodic review for a protocol, you will need to receive approval for that amendment or periodic review prior to submitting a second amendment for the same protocol.  We appreciate your understanding of this requirement to ensure that Ohio University remains in compliance with federal regulations governing human subjects research and to afford research participants the maximum protection by ensuring a complete review.

To submit a change to an approved proposal:

IRB Amendment Form


To renew a study:

IRB Periodic Review Form


To report an event to the IRB:

For guidance on reporting unanticipated problems involving risks to subjects or others and adverse events, please consult with the Office of Research Compliance, 593-0664, or refer to the guidance from OHRP on this website:

Event Reporting Form