Office of Research Compliance

IRB Submission Procedures 

All IRB submissions are made to the Ohio University Office of Research Compliance (ORC) using the electronic LEO IRB system.  This includes new submissions, amendments, periodic reviews, deferrals, deviations, and event reports.  The documents will be deemed signed off when the research team members agree to the stipulations listed on the submission page.

To access the electronic LEO IRB system:

Click here for a description of review levels and associated turnaround times.

Consent Form Templates

Adult Consent Form with Signature

Adult Consent Form without Signature

Parental Consent Form

Online Consent Form

Online Anonymous Consent Form

Broad Consent Form

Click here for guidance on submitting a deferral.

To report an event to the IRB:

For guidance on reporting unanticipated problems involving risks to subjects or others and unexpected adverse events, please consult with the Office of Research Compliance, 593-0664, or refer to the guidance from OHRP on this website: