Office of Research Compliance

IACUC Resources Guide 

Ohio University IACUC Approved Guidelines

This document contains IACUC approved guidelines on the following topics:

Training and Continuing Education

Training and Continuing Education Requirements and Record Template


Live Vertebrate Definition

Purchase of Custom Antibodies

Automatic (Instant) Designated Review

Designated Member Review (DMR) Subsequent to Full Committee Review (FCR)

Non-Significant Amendments

Potential Conflict of Interest and Authority of the Chair

Animal Facility Access

Animal Ordering and Tracking

Drug Use Guidelines

Use of Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Compounds

Use of Expired Pharmaceuticals, Biologicals, and Supplies in Animals

Use of Controlled Substances in Research

Procedures, Surgery and Endpoints

Murine Ulcerative Dermatitis (MUD)

Endpoint Guidelines for Experimental Animals

Mouse Tail Biopsy Policy

Animal Holding

Rodent and Non-Mammalian Aseptic Surgery Guidelines

Social Housing of Laboratory Animals


Individual Rodent Survival Surgical and Post-Operative Monitoring Log

Multiple Rodent Survival Surgical Log

Rodent Non-Survival Log

Research Controlled Substance Disposition Record

Controlled Substance Use Log