Office of Research Compliance

Frequently Asked Questions -Use of Animals 

1. What must be reviewed by the IACUC?

All research, teaching, testing or other use of live vertebrate animals, regardless of funding source, requires review and approval of the IACUC prior to beginning the project.This includes use of animals in scholarly activities as well as research, e.g. films, performance art, etc.

2. Who is required to submit?

Any faculty, staff or student conducting research or scholarly activities involving live vertebrate animals.Students are required to have a faculty advisor as the primary investigator on protocols using animals.Courses using animals may file one protocol for the course but must name the persons responsible for oversight of the animal use during the course.

3. Is there required animal use training?

Yes.All persons listed on an animal use protocol are required to complete animal user training through the CITI training site located at

4. If animal use involves only observing animals does it require review and approval of the IACUC?

Yes.There is a shortened version of the animal use application for these types of projects.

5. How do you submit a protocol for animal use?

Animal use protocols are submitted via the LEO research administration system ( persons working with animals on the protocol must complete the required training prior to approval of the submission.

6. How often does the IACUC meet?

The IACUC meets once each month and the deadline for submission for the agenda of each meeting is two weeks prior to the meeting date.Meeting dates are listed on the compliance website.

7. How long is an IACUC approval good for?

Protocols involving species covered under the Animal Welfare Act (USDA) are approved for one year.All other protocols are approved for a three year period.Any proposed changes must be submitted to the IACUC via the LEO system and receive approval prior to implementation of the change.

8. How long does approval take?

You should allow six to eight weeks for approval of protocols.The committee meets once each month and it sometimes takes two meetings to reach approval.Prompt and thorough response to issues raised during review expedite the approval turn around times.