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Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship

How a quest to combat malaria moved from student concept to business plan

Noah Rosenblatt won the 2015 Outstanding Student in Innovation Award for working with a team of entrepreneurs determined to solve a global health challenge. Read More  

Liz Doyle explores how businesses can welcome women

Read More  

Start Your Engines: Spotlight on Ohio University student startups

Entrepreneurs don’t need to wait until graduation to develop their own technologies or launch companies. Read More  

Can a new technology treat fracking wastewater on site?

An Ohio University engineer is developing a new technology to clean the wastewater that results from hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”) on site. Read More  

How Southeast Ohio is becoming a hotspot for technology commercialization and entrepreneurs

Over the past decade, with a boost from the state of Ohio’s Third Frontier program, longtime university programs that support faculty research, technology commercialization, and business startups have partnered with government entities and private venture capital firms to create a pipeline for new high-tech companies in the region. Read More