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Student Enhancement Awards provide $121,948 in funding to 21 students

The Ohio University Student Enhancement Awards program has provided 21 students with a total of $121,948 in funding for their original research, scholarship and creative work this spring.

The Student Enhancement Awards are funded by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Creative Activity and administered by the Council for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity, which is appointed by Faculty Senate.

The program received 67 proposals with a total funding request of $380,519. Students may request up to $6,000 per proposal.

For more information about the program, visit www.ohio.edu/research/funding.

The 2020 recipients are:

Oyeyemi Ajayi (graduate student, Environmental and Plant Biology; mentor: Allan Showalter) received $5,994 for Investigating the role of glucuronic acid in Arabidopsis seed coat mucilage.

Kaley Angers (graduate student, Psychology; mentor: Julie Suhr) received $5,422 for Examining neuropsychological correlates of social functioning in psychosis-prone individuals.

Raeven Bastock (graduate student, Biological Sciences; mentors: Erin Murphy and Ronan Carroll) received $6,000 for Determining the structure of the Aureolysin RNA thermosensor.

James Bohland (graduate student, History; mentor: John Brobst) received $3,100 for Growing like Topsy: British economic intelligence in the 1970s.

Marissa Dyck (graduate student, Biological Sciences; mentor: Viorel Popescu) received $6,000 for Assessing competition between two apex predators in Ohio using non-invasive techniques.

Lalana Fedorschak (graduate student, Art History; mentor: Marion Lee) received $5,654 for Body Language: A thesis exhibition.

Meredith Fitschen-Brown (graduate student, Biological Sciences; mentor: Molly Morris) received $6,000 for Ecological and evolutionary responses of freshwater fish to agricultural pollution.

Divine Kwasi Gbagbo (graduate student, Interdisciplinary Arts; mentor: Garrett Field) received $6,000 for Rites, recreation, and rulership: Postcolonial Christianity in Ewe music of Ghana.

Darren Gilley (graduate student, Film; mentor: Steve Ross) received $6,000 for Dancing with the Jinn: The art of music and mediumship.

Abriana Gresham (graduate student, Psychology; mentor: Brett Peters) received $6,000 for Intimate partner violence victimization and psychological reactivity to couple conflict.

Courtney Hook (graduate student, Communication Studies; mentor: Brittany Peterson) received $6,000 for A dialectical analysis of prisoners' constructions of rehabilitation.

Edit Jakab (graduate student, Film; mentor: Rafal Sokolowski) received $6,000 for Uncle Zsiga.

Khemi Kasabwala (undergraduate student, Biological Sciences and Edison Biotechnology Institute; mentor: Edward List) received $6,000 for Effect of growth hormone on DNA methylation in vivo.

Prateek Kulkarni (graduate student, Biological Sciences; mentor: John Kopchick) received $6,000 for Investigating the effects of growth hormone action on tumor derived exosome output and contents.

Brooke LaValley (graduate student, Visual Communication; mentor: Rebecca Sell) received $6,000 for How journalists process trauma.

Grace Lee (graduate student, Psychology; mentor: Julie Suhr) received $5,777 for Effects of noncredible response on executive function assessment and functional impairment in adult ADHD.

Aggrey Odhiambo (graduate student, Media Arts; mentor: Steve Howard) received $6,000 for Social media for child protection communication framing of child trafficking through social media analytics.

Kira Slepchenko (graduate student, Biological Sciences; mentor: Craig Nunemaker) received $6,000 for The role of inflammation sensitive iron-regulating protein hepcidin in diabetes.

Dallin Tavoian (graduate student, Translational Biomedical Sciences; mentor: Brian Clark) received $6,000 for The DART study: Exercise strategies to improve physical function in older adults.

Ashley Tudder (graduate student, Psychology; mentor: Brett Peters) received $6,000 for The impact of co-rumination on health relevant outcomes.

Brian Waldron (graduate student, Biological Sciences; mentor: Shawn Kuchta) received $6,000 for Traversing the Great Lakes region: Post-glacial range expansion of the Eastern Red-backed Salamander.