Research Communications

Student Enhancement Awards provide $107,000 for research, creative projects 

Aug. 24, 2011

Twenty-one Ohio University students received more than $107,000 in funding from Ohio University’s Student Enhancement Awards program in June. The program offers grants of up to $6,000 for research, scholarship and creative projects by undergraduate, graduate or medical students.

The Student Enhancement Awards are funded by the Vice President for Research and administered by the Graduate College and the Council for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity.

This year, the committee received 60 proposals requesting $313,000 in funding.

This year’s recipients and projects are:

Vedasri  Vedharathinam and Brian Bell, chemical and biomolecular engineering, $5,824, “Recovery of Ni and Ni-Co Alloys from Spent Ni-MH Batteries and its Application in Urea Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production.”

Brian Neel, electrical engineering and computer science, $6,000, “Design of Energy Proportional Computing for Datacenters.”

Kathryn Nuernberger, English, $3,000, “Stereopsis:  A Collection of Poems.”

Scott Nykl, electrical engineering and computer science, $5,991, “Fusion of Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Real Time.”

William Porter, biological sciences, $5,375, “Physiological and Behavioral Implications of Archosaur Vascular Systems.”

Jillian Davis, biological sciences, $5,995, “Functional Morphology of the Masticatory Apparatus in Kinkajous (Potos flavus): A Frugivorous Carnivoran.”

Alex Holdaway, psychology, $6,000, “Understanding Factors Affecting Teachers’ Adoption of a Classroom Intervention.”

Emily Johnston, environmental and plant biology, $6,000, “Freshwater Algae of the Malay-Indonesian Archipelago.”

Ellen Lubbers, biomedical sciences, $6,000, “Investigation of Adiponectin and its Receptors in Mouse Models of Altered Growth Hormone Action: Attempts to Understand the Link Between Dipose Tissue and Longevity.”

Bilal Sami, film, $5,940, “Production of Film Titled 'The Lavender Rocks.’”
Alexander Anning, environmental and plant biology, $5,850, “Fuel Reduction Treatment Effects on Productivity and Carbon Sequestration.”

Amy  Dunlap, music therapy, $5,829, “Development of a Sustainable Adapted Music Program at the Aboom School for Special Needs, Cape Coast, Ghana.”

Darcy Holdorf, visual communication, $6,000, “Nigerian Diaspora in Guangzhou, China.”
Jian Li, biological sciences, $5,981, “Investigation of the Roles of PCNA and DNA Damage Checkpoint Clamp in DNA.”

Craig Schenck, environmental and plant biology, $5,981, “Gravitropism:  Identifying Components through a Proteomics Approach.”

Stephanie Harshman, applied health sciences and wellness, $6,000, “Fluorescent Activated Cell Sorting and Real Time PCR Analysis.”

Maria Muccioli, biomedical sciences, $6,000, “Toll-Like Receptor-3 (TLR3) Signaling in Murine Ovarian Cancer Cells.”

Erika Kelley, psychology, $3,119, “The Relationship between Sexual Assault Acknowledgment and Social Reactions to Disclosure: A Prospective Analysis.”

Li Sing Wei, interdisciplinary arts, $6,000, “Re-Imagining the City: Participatory Art and Urban Communities in Ireland.”

Sajjad Haider, film, $1,500, “Night of a Carnival.”

The deadline for the next cycle of the Student Enhancement Awards program will be in February 2012. For more information about the program, visit