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Perspectives Spring/Summer 2013 issue 

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Story Index

Of Note (Research briefs)

1. Can video games help players score a daily dose of exercise?

2. How Richard Nixon's famous "Checkers" speech set the tone for decades of conservative rhetoric

3. Mathematicians solve a biology problem: How do yeast cells communicate?

4. Political power: How female legislators impact policy decisions

5. Can a new technology treat fracking wastewater on site?

6. Scholar explores the history, controversy surrounding an early African burial site


1. A Career Fighting Cancer: Monica Burdick and colleagues examine how and why cancer spreads, seeking ways to improve diagnosis and treatment

2. Behind the online scenes: Sociologists explore the complex relationships we form in cyberspace

3. Scientists seek answers about Mal de Debarquement Syndrome, a rare condition that evokes a constant feeling of motion 

4. The Inside Track: Veteran music producer Eddie Ashworth reveals the art of recording and engineering rock and roll

5. Breaking with Tradition: Artist Melissa Haviland explores female conventions in prints, installations, and performances

6. Dark Mysteries: What role do dark matter and dark energy play in our universe?

7. Mario Grijalva combats a disease—carried by a nocturnal insect—that affects millions worldwide

8. The Humor Pioneer: How Mark Twain created the concept of a branded comic persona that could generate publicity and profit

Class Act (Undergraduate stories) 

1. Bright future: How fruit flies and light might reveal a treatment for Parkinson's disease

2. Child Support: Students explore how to enhance breastfeeding education in Appalachia


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