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Perspectives Spring/Summer 2012 issue 

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Spring/Summer 2012 Story Index


1. Earth Works: Artist John Sabraw makes a case for sustainable art in a new series of paintings that celebrate the natural world

2. Dixie Debunked: Historian paints a global, modern view of the Old South and origins of the Civil War

3. Spoken Flavor: Poet Mark Halliday champions imaginative, accessible verse

4. Love Lessons: Joan Connor's New Stories Explore the Difficult Dance of Longing and Romance

5. The Social Network: A sociologist explores the rituals and life lessons of the college drinking scene

6. Watching the Watchdogs: Former journalist explores how African media can play a stronger role in emerging democracies

7. Sound Science: Li Xu examines how cochlear implants can be fine-tuned for speakers of tonal languages 

8. Tiny Tech: Nanoscientists and engineers explore the science of the small to develop tomorrow's technologies

Class Act: Undergraduate Stories

1. Fat Fighters: Eating the right carbohydrates may boost the benefits of exercise

2. Snow Day: A robotic snowplow teaches engineering students navigation skills

Of Note: Research News

1. Dark Devotion: Feature film delves into religious dogma

2. Case Study: Social workers shape the fate of defendants in the courtroom

3. Fit Forests: Biologists study how Ohio's forests respond to climate change

4. Diet Rx: How can antioxidant diets protect against diabetic kidney disease?

5. Code Enforcement: How well does that bar code work? Engineers put data capture technologies to the test

6. Healthy Habits: Medical student explores how families can sustain healthier lifestyles

7. Listening Room: Album features emerging female oboe composers


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