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Spring/Summer 2009 Perspectives 

Spring/Summer 2009 (PDF)

Spring/Summer 2009 issue: feature stories

"Trick or Treat": Artist Duane McDiarmid's new work – which brings blogging, ice cream, and performance art to the most unexpected places – prompts questions about society's love affair with technology.

"Poisons on our Plates": As salmonella lurks in our peanut butter and e. coli taints our spinach, environmental health researcher Michele Morrone examines the rise of food-borne illness and the lack of industry safety nets in America.

"Planet Puzzle": Geologist Damian Nance travels the globe to piece together the amazing history of Earth's continents.

"Birth Pangs": From twilight sleep and natural childbirth to epidurals and cesarean sections, Jacqueline Wolf examines the social history of obstetric anesthesia.


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