Research Communications

Perspectives Graduate Edition 2013 

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Individual Story Index

1. Heath Kersell uses and builds sophisticated equipment to analyze materials for new technologies 

2. Now Hear This: Sound design plays an integral role in progressive theater

3. Return of the Native: Biologists revive the chestnut tree at former coal mine sites

4. Language Lessons: An international team of students explores how working memory may help us learn second languages

5. Fire Survivors: How do forest management strategies used to combat wildfires impact tree growth?

6. Sarah Green finds creative expression through poetry and song

7. Problem Solved: How math literacy can improve quality of life

8. How can cities determine the best locations for wind turbines?

9. Lara Householder explores how the quality- not the quantity- of fat tissue in the body may harm health

10. Sociologist Heather Dumas explores the Renaissance festival subculture

11. Drawing Donors: How psychology researchers use mind/body strategies to break down barriers to blood donation

12. Can engineers develop a more flexible, eco-friendly plastic for packaging?

13. True Stories: From the war in Iraq to internet security, Jeremy Zerechak uses documentary filmmaking to explore the issues

14. Media Mirror: News programs reveal how Colombians view corruption

15. The Heart of the Matter: Adam Jara balances heart research with clinical training in unique program

16. Cameras for Change: How an activist organization uses video to create social change in Latin America

17. Athletic trainers work to protect young athletes from injury


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