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Ohio University Research Committee supports six faculty proposals 

Next funding deadline is October
June 6, 2011

During its winter cycle of funding, the Ohio University Research Committee (OURC) awarded $45,919 to six faculty research, scholarship and creative projects.

The committee, which has a membership of 13 Ohio University faculty and administrators, received 10 proposals requesting $74,014 in funding for faculty work.

The Vice President for Research sponsors the OURC program to provide seed funding to new projects, which, in turn, may help faculty leverage additional external support. Faculty may apply during the fall cycle in October or the winter cycle in January.

Earlier this spring, the committee awarded funding to the following six proposals:

Marion Sung-Hua Lee, assistant professor of art history, received $8,000 for the project “A Daoist Morality Book: The Artistic Practice and Identity of the Illustrator Fei Danxu (1802-50).” Lee’s study intends to shed light on the top painter Fei Danxu, who has received little scholarly attention. She will examine his work in the context of social and cultural forces in early 19th century China. The article produced from this research will be expanded to a book.

Felicia Nowak, associate professor of biomedical sciences, received $8,000 for the project “Effect of Paternal Obesity on Metabolic Profile of Offspring.” This study will examine whether paternal diet factors can be transmitted to offspring. This relatively unexplored research area has potential applications to human health and therapeutics for metabolic disease. The data collected will be used to seek external funding, including from the National Institutes of Health.

Stefan Gleissberg, assistant professor of environmental and plant biology, received $7,980 for the project “Expression Profiling in Poppy Leaf Development.” The process that determines leaf shape in plants is not well understood. This proposal will compare the timing and location of gene expression in two related species with different leaf shapes. The results will be published and used in a proposal to the National Science Foundation.

Joyashish Thakurta, visiting assistant professor of geological sciences, received $5,959 for the project “Petrological and Geochemical Studies on the Duke Island and Annette Island Complexes in Southeastern Alaska.” This project will investigate the rock composition of the Duke Island and Annette Island Complexes in southeastern Alaska in order to understand the origins of these island complexes. The islands may contain mineral deposits that could be of interest to the energy industry and beneficial to the economic development of the region. These findings will be used for a proposal to the National Science Foundation.

Melissa Haviland, associate professor of art, received $8,000 for the project “Pattern in the Making.” The funding will support research into the history, design, manufacturing and advertising of fine china tableware. This project is a shift in direction for Haviland, as her previous studio work and research focused on the use and place of these objects in people's lives. The research will contribute to a series of artists' books and drawings.

Sarah Wyatt, associate professor of environmental and plant biology, received $7,980 for the project “Adding Proteomics Strategies to Gene Discovery in Plant Signaling.” Wyatt has extensive experience in studying the effects of gravity on plants, and now will use proteomics to study plant proteins and gravity. The pilot study will provide data for a National Science Foundation proposal.

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