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Ohio University hosts second annual BioVenture Showcase - December 11, 2008

CT scans reveal that dinosaurs were airheads - December 8, 2008
Skull cavities helped creatures breathe, communicate and move

New platinum-phosphate compounds kill ovarian cancer cells - November 19, 2008
Agents bind to different targets than conventional drugs

Study shows direct link between leptin and obesity-related cardiovascular disease - November 10, 2008
Hormone can create damage similar to other health conditions

Forensic chemists verify human remains from fat deposits - November 3, 2008
New study sheds light on how bodies decompose indoors

Atlanta firm to develop Ohio University algae bioreactor - October 8, 2008
New technology could reduce air and waste pollution, provide biofuel

Ohio University invention could help reduce highway repairs - September 23, 2008
Professor’s company licenses asphalt testing device

Licensing revenue at all-time high - September 18, 2008
Innovation Center also yields record impact

Wu receives $1.25 million NIH grant for skin cancer research - September 11, 2008
Ohio University scientists to study how UV light creates damage

New climate record shows century-long droughts in eastern North America - August 19, 2008
Weak sun created cool oceans, lowered rainfall seven times in 7,000 years

Fish cancer gene linked to pigment pattern that attracts mates - August 18, 2008
Swordtails can inherit melanoma that drives sexual selection

Duck-billed dinosaurs outgrew predators to survive - August 5, 2008
New study on hadrosaur bones shows fast growth, reproduction rates

Scientists find potential protein biomarkers for growth hormone - June 17, 2008

Scientists find first dinosaur tracks on Arabian Peninsula - May 20, 2008
Footprints of sauropod herd, ornithopod preserved in Yemen

Lizard hunting styles impact ability to walk, run - April 21, 2008
Foraging sheds light on evolution of biomechanics

Small graphene wires may be poor conductors - February 15, 2008
Ohio University physicists examine electron properties in semiconductor material

Turning first-time blood donors into loyal givers - February 2008

Jackson receives NSF CAREER grant for forensic science research, education - January 29, 2008
Ohio University chemist will use $562K for development of handheld detector

Scientists discover new method of observing interactions in nanoscale systems - January 17, 2008

T.Rex had teen pregnancies - January 14, 2008
Dinosaurs grew fast, reached sexual maturity early and died young

What climate change means to Africa - January 2008
Geographers tackle a growing threat to the continent’s dryland communities

Scientists reveal secrets of ancient ocean in new book - November 13, 2007
Closure of Rheic Ocean created Pangaea, Appalachian Mountains

Physicists receive $3.3 million for international nanoscience research - September 17, 2007
National Science Foundation grants support student travel, science collaborations

Women Up to Age 30 at Risk for Bone Loss, Study Finds - June 4, 2007
Rigorous exercise and extreme dieting can predispose females to osteoporosis

Color vision drove primates to develop red skin and hair, study finds - May 24, 2007
Research examines how vision connects to foraging, mating

One-Third of Sexually Active Older Adults with HIV/AIDs Has Unprotected Sex - April 24, 2007
Findings suggest more prevention efforts are needed

Surge in Senior HIV Survivors Prompts New Treatment Studies - April 23, 2007
Ohio University health psychologist explores effectiveness of telephone support group

Geologist troubleshoots silica problem at geothermal plants - March 13, 2007
New research provides model for improving alternative energy source

Videotaped confessions can create bias against suspect, study finds - March 13, 2007
Psychology professor’s research could help prevent wrongful convictions

Scientists Receive $2.8 Million for Neuroscience Research - January 2007
NIH funding will help researchers learn more about sense of balance

Geologists Find New Origins of Appalachian Mountains - November 16, 2006
Study redraws ancient map of continents

Scientists crack rhino horn riddle - November 6, 2006
Ohio University findings provide clues about horn shape, growth

Ohio University researchers discover evolutionary oddity in flamingos - October 30, 2006
New imaging method sheds light on feeding

Ohio University researchers create improved magnetic-semiconductor sandwich - October 2, 2006
Spin-based device works at room temperature

How Did Continents Split? Geology Study Shows New Picture - May 23, 2006

NIH Awards $1.6 Million for Ohio University Blood Donation Research - May 16, 2006

Physicist Receives NSF CAREER Grant for Biomedical Research, New Lab Course - February 23, 2006

NASA'S Chandra Finds Black Holes Stirring Up Galaxies - January 10, 2006

Older Female Fish Prefer Imperfect Male Mates, Study Finds - November 15, 2005

Nanoscientists Provide New Picture of Semiconductor Material - October 4, 2005

Study: Predatory Dinosaurs had Bird-Like Pulmonary System - July 13, 2005

New Study: Why Solar Cells Lose Potency - June 17, 2005

Physicists Control the Flip of Electron Spin in New Study - May 27, 2005

Scientist to Build Nanoscience Equipment with New Grant - May 26, 2005

Scientists, Business Leaders Meet at Nanotechnology Summit - May 14, 2005

Scientists Find Flaw in Quantum Dot Construction - February 10, 2005

NSF Grant Funds Ohio University Nanotechnology Research, Outreach Programs - November 19, 2003

Specialized Brain Helped Ancient Reptiles Fly and Hunt - October 29, 2003

Scientists Use Microscope to View Magnetism at Atomic Level - November 6, 2002

New Study Puts Dinosaur Noses in their Place - August 3, 2001