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2011 News Stories 

University receives $1.4 million for microscope that will advance energy, electronics research- Dec. 12, 2011

Innovation Center receives state award for excellence in economic development- Oct. 31, 2011

OHIO alumnus develops biotech companies in Southeast Ohio- Oct. 24, 2011

OHIO filmmakers garner major awards for features- Oct. 14, 2011

Scientists discover rare, wounded dinosaur in Utah- Sept. 19, 2011

OHIO postdocs make key contributions to research- Sept. 19, 2011

Biomedical engineer receives $942,000 in federal funding for diagnostic, cancer research- Sept. 8, 2011

State awards $500,000 to Innovation Center, Edison Biotech Institute to boost economic growth- August 25, 2011

Student Enhancement Awards provide $107,000 for research, creative projects- August 24, 2011

Tech Gap, Tech Seed funds provide $316,559 for faculty technology commercialization- August 5, 2011

New staff appointments announced for Technology Transfer Office, Innovation Center- July 26, 2011

Innovation Center opens new biotechnology facility- June 23, 2011

Yo-yo dieting vs. obesity? Dieters may be healthier, live longer, study finds- June 6, 2011

Ohio biomedical, energy and technology firms showcase new work for investors, entrepreneurs- May 25, 2011

Student Expo Announces Awards- May 16, 2011

BioVenture and Innovation Showcase to feature faculty research start-ups, regional entrepreneurs May 24- May 11, 2011

Immature skull led young tyrannosaurs to rely on speed, agility to catch prey- May 9, 2011

More than 600 Ohio University students showcase research, creative work May 13- May 4, 2011

New technology awards to provide funding for Ohio University inventors- April 27, 2011

Birds inherited strong sense of smell from dinosaurs- April 27, 2011

OHIO feature premieres at major film festival- March 17, 2011

Student Research and Creative Activity Expo seeks participants for May 13 event- Feb. 23, 2011

NASA study reveals mysteries of neutron star- Feb. 23, 2011

Ohio University receives $2.4 million grant for study on child language impairments- Feb. 21, 2011

Ohio University, inventors to receive up to $52 million from drug license transactions- Feb. 15, 2011

New York company to develop Ohio University cancer drug discovery- Feb. 1, 2011

Engineering Profs Receive NSF CAREER Grants for Nanotechnology Research- Jan. 25, 2011

Some school social workers don't feel prepared to manage cyberbullying, study finds- Jan. 12, 2011

Vice President for Research announces staffing changes- Jan. 12, 2011

Ohio University Research Committee funds five faculty research projects- Jan. 4, 2011

What triggers mass extinctions? Study shows how invasive species stop new life- Jan. 3, 2011


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