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2010 News Stories 

Preventive medication, behavior management skills help combat frequent migraines- Oct. 11, 2010

Ohio University driving simulation lab to improve traffic, construction zone safety- Oct. 8, 2010

Dinosaurs Significantly Taller than Previously Thought- Oct. 4, 2010

Ohio University's research licensing income rises to $8.2 million- Aug. 12, 2010

Mammal-like crocodile fossil found in East Africa, scientists report- Aug. 4, 2010

Third Frontier awards $3 million for algae research at Ohio University- May 28, 2010

Study documents widespread extinction of lizard populations due to climate change- May 13, 2010

Engineering students help area teen fulfill dream of playing basketball again- May 10, 2010

A new gold standard- May 6, 2010

Engaging Appalachia- May 4, 2010

Expo to showcase research and creative work of 600 Ohio University students
- May 4, 2010

Physicists capture first images of atomic spin- April 26, 2010

"Boat of Knowledge" project lands $2.6 million grant for GK-12 research and education
- April 20, 2010

Stalagmite reveals carbon footprint of early Native Americans- April 15, 2010

Ohio University Research Committee provides more than $94,000 for early-stage faculty research, creative work- April 15, 2010

Four students land competitive National Science Foundation Graduate Research fellowships
- April 15, 2010

Allinson joins Ohio University Technology Transfer Office- March 31, 2010

Scientists discover world's smallest superconductor- March 29, 2010

Antifreeze proteins can stop ice melt, new study finds- March 1, 2010

Ohio University is top Ohio public school for research royalty income, national study finds- Feb. 16, 2010

Geographers to study climate change adaptation in East Africa- Feb. 11, 2010

Darwin lecture to focus on impact of climate change on animal extinction- Feb. 8, 2010

Science Cafés offer winter roster of research topics- Jan. 22, 2010

Ohio University researcher receives $3 million to study intervention for kids with ADHD- Jan. 14, 2010


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