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2008 News Stories 

Ohio University hosts second annual BioVenture Showcase- December 11, 2008

CT scans reveal that dinosaurs were airheads- December 8, 2008
Skull cavities helped creatures breathe, communicate and move

New platinum-phosphate compounds kill ovarian cancer cells- November 19, 2008
Agents bind to different targets than conventional drugs

Study shows direct link between leptin and obesity-related cardiovascular disease- November 10, 2008
Hormone can create damage similar to other health conditions

Forensic chemists verify human remains from fat deposits- November 3, 2008
New study sheds light on how bodies decompose indoors

Atlanta firm to develop Ohio University algae bioreactor- October 8, 2008
New technology could reduce air and waste pollution, provide biofuel

Ohio University invention could help reduce highway repairs- September 23, 2008
Professor's company licenses asphalt testing device

Licensing revenue at all-time high- September 18, 2008
Innovation Center also yields record impact

Wu receives $1.25 million NIH grant for skin cancer research- September 11, 2008
Ohio University scientists to study how UV light creates damage

New climate record shows century-long droughts in eastern North America- August 19, 2008
Weak sun created cool oceans, lowered rainfall seven times in 7,000 years

Fish cancer gene linked to pigment pattern that attracts mates- August 18, 2008
Swordtails can inherit melanoma that drives sexual selection

Duck-billed dinosaurs outgrew predators to survive- August 5, 2008
New study on hadrosaur bones shows fast growth, reproduction rates

Scientists find potential protein biomarkers for growth hormone- June 17, 2008

Scientists find first dinosaur tracks on Arabian Peninsula- May 20, 2008
Footprints of sauropod herd, ornithopod preserved in Yemen

Lizard hunting styles impact ability to walk, run- April 21, 2008
Foraging sheds light on evolution of biomechanics

Small graphene wires may be poor conductors- February 15, 2008
Ohio University physicists examine electron properties in semiconductor material

Turning first-time blood donors into loyal givers- February 2008

Jackson receives NSF CAREER grant for forensic science research, education- January 29, 2008
Ohio University chemist will use $562K for development of handheld detector

Scientists discover new method of observing interactions in nanoscale systems- January 17, 2008

T.Rex had teen pregnancies- January 14, 2008
Dinosaurs grew fast, reached sexual maturity early and died young

What climate change means to Africa- January 2008
Geographers tackle a growing threat to the continent's dryland communities


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