Ohio University

Provost Undergraduate Research Fund provides $31,160 in funding to 24 students

The Ohio University Provost Undergraduate Research Fund (PURF) awards program has provided 24 students with a total of $31,160 in funding for their original research, scholarship and creative work this fall.

The Provost Undergraduate Research Fund awards are administered by the Research Division.

The program received 54 proposals with a total funding request of $64,445. Students may request up to $1,500 per proposal.

For more information about the program, visit www.ohio.edu/research/funding.cfm.

The FY2020 recipients are:

Haley Appelmann (HTC Psychology; mentor: Peggy Zoccola) received $1,500 for The inner child: Early life adversity and cortisol habituation to repeated stress in adulthood.

Domenic Belvedere (Edison Biotechnology Institute; mentor: Darlene Berryman) received $1,500 for The effect of pirfenidone on TGF-β cell signaling in white adipose tissue and liver tissue from bGH transgenic mice.

Aurora Bonfield (Sociology & Anthropology; mentor: Nancy Tatarek) received $1,460 for Health and healthcare in an Appalachian community.

Abigale Collins (Sculpture & Expanded Practice; mentor: Duane McDiarmid) received $288 for Natural Terminus.

Melissa Damico (Environmental Studies; mentor: Geoffrey Dabelko) received $962 for Aging in a warmer world: Building older adult resilience in the face of climate change.

Lila Fisher (Sculpture & Expanded Practice; mentor: Duane McDiarmid) received $1,072 for Before You're Gone.

Alyx Hazen (Biological Sciences; mentors: Ramiro Malgor and Karen Coschigano) received $1,500 for Effects of Wnt5a pathways on macrophages in the tumor microenvironment.

Thomas Johns (HTC Geological Sciences; mentor: Katherine Fornash) received $1,500 for Provenance of the Mississippian black hand sandstone: Insights from petrography and detrital mineral geochemistry.

Grace Judd (Chemistry & Biochemistry; mentor: Jessica White) received $1,408 for Improving the photosensitizer in singlet oxygen-producing and CO-releasing molecules.

Jackson Krejsa (Biological Sciences; mentor: Edward List) received $1,489 for The effects of weight cycling on inflammatory cytokines.

Jaycie Kuhn (Biomedical Sciences; mentor: Darlene Berryman) received $1,500 for Quantifying growth hormone's impact on short chain fatty acids for therapeutic potential.

Rachel Martin (HTC Environmental Studies & Biological Sciences; mentor: Donald Miles) received $1,200 for Abundance and thermoregulation of Meroles suborbitalis with projected climate change.

Riley Murray (Dance; mentor: Tresa Randall) received $1,467 for Presenting scattered rifts in Toronto and Montreal.

Mason Myers (Chemistry & Biochemistry; mentor: Jennifer Hines) received $1,500 for Riboswitch drug discovery: Development and validation of computational methods to predict ligand-RNA binding specificity.

Gillian Null (Biological Sciences; mentor: Ronan Carroll) received $300 for Investigating the importance of global supercoiling levels to in vivo virulence of Staphylococcus aureus.

Avery Plummer (Art History; mentor: Patricia Stokes) received $1,500 for Lesbian art and feminism through the lens of On Our Backs.

Dallas Roberts (Mechanical Engineering; mentor: Sarah Hormazi) received $1,500 for Dispersion of solid in fracturing flows.

Sarah Roell (Chemistry & Biochemistry; mentor: Travis White) received $1,425 for Studying the effect host-guest supramolecular catalysts have on C02 reduction to CO.

Jenna Schmidt (Ceramics; mentor: Brad Schwieger) received $1,424 for Soda Fired Dinner Set.

Helen Stec (HTC Biological Sciences; mentor: Molly Morris) received $1,500 for Using brain size and neuron number to explain the relationship between cognition and delayed maturation in the swordtail fish, Xiphophorus multilineatus.

Joseph Terry (Biological Sciences; mentor: John Kopchick) received $1,477 for The effects of IGF-1 on mouse melanoma tumor progression and development.

Ayla Towns (Ceramics; mentor: Alex Hibbitt) received $967 for Who I Might Have Become.

Timothy Wohl (HTC - Applied Health Sciences; mentor: Dustin Grooms) received $1,500 for Travel to present injury-related fear of movement research at the American Physical Therapy Association annual meeting.

Kayla Zehner (Photography; mentor: Cassidy Braunder) received $1,221 for Wanting "Home."