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Student Enhancement Awards provide $138,149 in funding to 26 students

Apr 17, 2017

The Ohio University Student Enhancement Awards program has provided 26 students with a total of $138,149 in funding for their original research, scholarship and creative work this spring.

The Student Enhancement Awards are funded by the Office of the Vice President for Research and Creative Activity and administered by the Council for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity, which is appointed by Faculty Senate.

The program received 62 proposals with a total funding request of $332,768. Students may request up to $6,000 per proposal.

For more information about the program, visit www.ohio.edu/research/funding.cfm.

The 2017 recipients are:

Daniel Santiago Agüera (graduate student, Film; mentor Rajko Grlic) received $5,965 for Departure.

Kingsley Antwi-Boassiako (graduate student, Media Arts and Studies; mentor Steve Howard) received $4,005 for West African Journalist Reporting a Health Emergency.

Megan Applegate (graduate student, Physical Therapy; mentor Jim Thomas) received $5,400 for Physical and Psychological Predictors of Trunk Extension Endurance Performance.

Semih Bedir (graduate student, Film; mentor Rajko Grlic) received $6,000 for Departure-Emily's Story.

Heidi Bencin (graduate student, Biological Sciences; mentor Viorel Popescu) received $6,000 for Determining Occurrence, Density and Predictors of Road Mortality for Recovering Bobcat Populations in Ohio.

Amanda Biederman (graduate student, Biological Sciences; mentor Lisa Crockett) received $4,430 for Gill Membranes and Oxygen Uptake in Antarctic Notothenoid Fishes.

Jack Bruno (undergraduate student, HTC Physics and Astronomy; mentors David Drabold and Jonathan Gero) received $5,750 for Lake Michigan Ozone Study (LMOS).

Donald Cerio (graduate student, Biomedical Sciences; mentor Larry Witmer) received $5,161 for The Visual Apparatus of Dinosaurs: Anatomical Correlates of Behavior and Phylogeny.

Rebekah Crawford (graduate student, Communication Studies; mentor Lynn Harter) received $3,902 for Therapeutic Conversations with Spiritual Leaders.

Jill Descoteaux (graduate student, Individual Interdisciplinary Program; mentor Christine Bhat) received $5,817 for Dancer's Experiences of Healthcare: A Qualitative Comparative Study of American and Australian Dancers.

Jason Doom (graduate student, History; mentor Chester Pach) received $5,400 for A Window for Human Rights: Carter Era Public Diplomacy in Latin America.

Rachel Gaunce (undergraduate student, HTC Theater and Environmental Studies; mentor Edna Wangui) received $5,625 for Theatre for Development: Empowering Women in Decision Making.

Dustin Jenkins (graduate student, Film , mentor Rajko Grlic) received $6,000 for Departure.

Colin Kruse (graduate student, Environmental and Plant Biology; mentor Sarah Wyatt) received

$5,711 for From Earth to Space and Back Again: Characterizing Core Gravity Response Genes.

Xinhao Liu (graduate student, Biomedical Sciences, mentor Felicia Nowak) received $5,335 for Molecular Mechanisms of Insulin Resistance Developed in Male Offspring of Obese Fathers.

Patrick Local (undergraduate student, HTC Film; mentor David Thomas) received $6,000 for Jack's.

Brian MacNeel (graduate student, Film; mentor Rafal Sokolowski) received $6,000 for Jack's.

Andrew Manigault (graduate student, Psychology; mentor Peggy Zoccola) received $6,000 for Habituation and the Mindfulness Stress Buffering Account.

Rachel Pinney (undergraduate student, HTC Management Information Systems; mentor Vic Matta) received $3,584 for Decomposing Poison Pills Reviews: An Analysis of Argument and Grammar.

Shariar Shafiani (graduate student, Film; mentor Rajko Grlic) received $5,866 for Departure.

Peter Slepian (graduate student, Psychology; mentor Chris France) received $5,824 for Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation of the Prefrontal Cortex on Emotional Control of Pain and Nociception.

Andrea Smith (undergraduate student, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness; mentor Michael Kushnick) received $3,337 for Blood Glucose and Insulin Response to a Single Bout of Exercise in an Acute Overfeed State.

Harlan Svoboda (graduate student, Environmental and Plant Biology; mentor Harvey Ballard) received $5,239 for Novel Phylogenetic and Morphological Studies in an Enigmatic Group of Passionflowers.

Anh Chung Ta (graduate student, Art; mentor Melissa Haviland) received $4,998 for Dreamscapes.

Marcel Weigland (graduate student, Biological Sciences; mentor Viorel Popescu) received $5,400 for Predicting the Impacts of Roads on Herptofauna: an Evaluation of the Nelsonville Bypass' Effects on Eastern Box Turtle Populations.

Danny Wolf (graduate student, Environmental and Plant Biology; mentor Morgan Vis) received $5,400 for A Multi-Marker Metabarcoding Study of Biofilms from Streams along an AMD-recovery gradient.