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Ken Walsh to discuss “Preparing for the Big One: Protecting Critical Infrastructure”

From staff reports | Mar 5, 2018
Ken Walsh.
Ken Walsh. Photo credit: Ohio University.

Ever wondered what will happen when the next big earthquake hits the United States? Are we prepared?

Ken Walsh, associate professor of civil engineering in the Russ College of Engineering and Technology, is part of a research community that is looking at ways to better protect civil infrastructure from the damaging effects of earthquakes.

“The challenges associated with mitigating the effects of earthquakes on civil engineering structures in the presence of strong earthquakes has forced engineers to think outside the box for innovative, technology-driven solutions,” Walsh said. Walsh and his students use a combination of small-scale experimentation and numerical simulation to explore new technologies for seismic protection.

In his Science Café discussion, “Preparing for the Big One:  Protecting Critical Infrastructure,” at 5 p.m. on Wed., March 21, Walsh will discuss the state-of-the-practice and state-of-the-art in seismic protection systems for reducing the vulnerability of buildings and bridges during earthquakes. He will highlight a few of the innovations that he and his students are working on to provide effective and reliable technologies to better protect structures, their contents, and most importantly, their occupants.

Science Cafés are part of Ohio University’s Café Series, Wednesdays at the Baker Center Front Room. The series provides a venue for students to informally share their interests during a conversational exchange with faculty presenters, staff and the Athens community. Free coffee is offered to the first 50 attendees, and participants who ask questions can win a free t-shirt.

The series is supported by the Ohio University Research Division and Sigma Xi.

Learn more! Watch the 1-minute Café Series video:


For the schedule of spring semester speakers and access to livestreaming of the event, visit http://www.ohio.edu/sciencecafe   and   http://livestream.com/ohiocas.