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Ohio University Research Committee awards $74,524 during spring 2017 funding cycle

From staff reports | Apr 21, 2017

The Ohio University Research Committee has selected 10 faculty proposals for funding during its spring 2017 cycle. In total, the committee awarded $74,524.

The program, which is funded by the Vice President for Research and Creative Activity, provides seed money for new faculty and administrative staff members or established applicants seeking to start a new direction in their research.  Applicants may request up to $8,000 per proposal.

The committee received a total of 25 proposals requesting $195,335 in funding.

The spring recipients are:

1. Lawrence Witmer and Ruger Porter, Biomedical Sciences
In Vivo Physiological Analysis of Vascular Thermoregulatory Structures Using Noninvasive Infrared Thermography on Free-Ranging Birds
Amount Funded:  $7,980

2. Rebecca Snell, Environmental and Plant Biology
Effect of Species Shifts on Ecosystem Service Provisioning in Forests
Amount Funded:  $7,645

3. Corinne Nielsen, Biological Sciences
Identifying Gene Expression Changes during the Development of Brain Arteriovenous Malformation
Amount Funded:  $8,000

4. Joseph Johnson, Biological Sciences
Forward-thinking in Combating Emerging Infectious Diseases: Evaluating High-risk Species and High-impact Conservation for Chile 
Amount Funded:  $8,000

5. Elizabeth Hermsen, Environmental and Plant Biology
Diversity of Fruits and Seeds from the Gray Fossil Site, Tennessee, USA
Amount Funded:  $2,904

6. Mercedes Sotos Prieto, Food and Nutrition Sciences
Mediterranean Diet-Based Interventions to Change Firefighters’ Eating Habits: A Pilot Study of Adherence Biomarkers
Amount Funded: $8,000

7. Ashwini Ganeshan, Modern Languages
A Usage-Based Study of Case Marking in the Spanish Causative Hacer Construction
Amount Funded: $8,000

8. Helene Siebrits, Theater
Cambodian Performing Arts Since the End of the Democratic Kampuchea Regime: Politics, Culture, the Arts and Reconstruction of Civil Society
Amount Funded: $8,000

9. Glenn Dutcher and Cort Rodet, Economics
Routinely Creative?  A Critical Analysis of the Process by which Creative and Non-Creative Tasks are Learned
Amount Funded: $8,000

10. Nicole Kaufman, Sociology and Anthropology
The Historical Development of Relationships between State Agencies and Religious Organizations in Delivering Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Ohio
Amount Funded: $7,995

For more information about guidelines, forms and requirements for the program, as well as sample funded proposals, please visit: http://www.ohio.edu/research/Funding.cfm.

For questions, please contact Carma West, grant development coordinator in the Research Division, at westc@ohio.edu ; 740.593.0929.