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John Kopchick to discuss growth hormone and aging at Science Café

From staff reports | Mar 27, 2019

If you follow sports or social media, you have probably heard about the use of growth hormone as a doping agent. It has been well-advertised that the use of growth hormone makes people leaner by increasing muscle while decreasing fat. It has even been said that growth hormone boosts athletic ability as a performance enhancer So, why don’t we all take it?  Why isn’t it commonly used to reduce obesity and increase physical performance?

From our birth until death, through health and sickness, growth hormone exerts profound effects on our lives.  But there are facts and fiction surrounding this unique molecule.

Join John Kopchick, a world-renowned scientist, leader in the growth hormone field, and a Distinguished Professor in the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine and the Edison Biotechnology Institute, for his  Science Café, “Is Growth Hormone an Anti-Aging Drug? Yes! Too Much of It Will Kill You,” at 5 p.m. on Wed., April 3, in the Baker Center Front Room. 

Kopchick will lead a discussion about “the good, the bad and the ugly” of having either too much or too little of growth hormone in the body. He will dispel the myths and welcome the facts surrounding its physiological actions. Kopchick also will discuss the counterintuitive data that decreasing growth hormone action can extend lifespan and reduce age-related diseases, such as diabetes and cancer.

The Science Café also may be viewed live or after the event here: https://livestream.com/ohiocas/events/8527097.

Science Cafés are part of Ohio University’s Café Series, Wednesdays at the Baker Center Front Room. The series provides a venue for students to informally share their interests during a conversational exchange with faculty presenters, staff and the Athens community.

Free coffee is offered to the first 50 attendees, and participants who ask questions can win a free t-shirt. The series is supported by the Ohio University Research Division and Sigma Xi.

Learn more! Watch the 1-minute Café Series video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8IBC6nS4Ag and view the schedule of spring semester speakers: http://www.ohio.edu/sciencecafe.