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Steven Miner to be featured on WATH 970 talk show June 19

Jun 11, 2018

Steven Miner, a professor of Russian and Soviet history in Ohio University’s Department of History, will be the featured guest on the Party Line talk show with Dave Palmer on WATH radio from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Tues., June 19. Listeners can tune in to 970 AM/97.1 FM or listen via http://970wath.com/music/ and can call in to ask questions at 740-592-6646.

Miner is the author of three books; his most recent is a full-scale history of the USSR during World War II, The Furies Unleashed: The Soviet Peoples at War, 1939-1945. It is based on a wide array of sources, including newly declassified Soviet records available only since the collapse of the Soviet Union. He will discuss a number of subjects that he explores in this new work:

  • Stalin’s cooperation with Hitler during the period 1939-1941, including new evidence on how and why the USSR entered the war.

  • The first assessment based on Soviet records of the role Western assistance (Lend-Lease) played in the Soviet conduct of the war.

  • The role of women in the Soviet economy and military, which remains the largest mobilization of women into any armed forces in history.

  • The part played by the Soviet secret police (the NKVD) and coercive organs during the war year.

  • The largely unknown civil war within the USSR during and after the war against the Nazis.

  • The operation of the vast Soviet prison system (the Gulag) during the war.

Miner has been a faculty member at Ohio University since 1986, and for more than a decade served as the director of the Contemporary History Institute. His research interests include the history of the USSR, World War II and post-Soviet society and politics. In addition to his books, he has also published book chapters and articles in such journals and newspapers as Foreign Affairs, The Washington Post and The New York Times ; he has also been interviewed on television and radio, including by NPR, the CBC, and the BBC World Service (in Russian).