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Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fund provides $49,962 for student projects

From staff reports | Nov 21, 2016

The Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fund has provided 41 Ohio University students with a total of $49,962 in funding for their original research, scholarship and creative work this fall.

The program received 83 proposals with a total funding request of $98,732. Students may request up to $1,500 per proposal.

The Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fund is funded by the Executive Vice President and Provost and administered by the Research Division.

For more information about the program, visit www.ohio.edu/research/funding.cfm.

The 2016-17 recipients are:

Nathan Arnett (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Edison Biotechnology Institute; mentor: John Kopchick) received $1,500 for Effect of reduced growth hormone action on mouse melanoma cell line growth.

Stephen Bell (Biological Sciences/Political Science and Edison Biotechnology Institute; mentor: John Kopchick) received $1,500 for Motor activation assessment in adult onset growth hormone receptor knockout mice.

Benjamin Bruggemann (Honors Tutorial College Business; mentor: Yong Wang) received $1,200 for How we decide when we can't decide: a study of brand dependency and brand sensitivity.

Hannah Cherry (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; mentor: Jennifer Hines) received $1,489 for Targeting gram-positive bacterial antiterminator RNA with peptides.

Benjamin Colvin (Biological Sciences; mentor: Nathan Weyland) received $1,480 for Identification of shared gene expression sets between Neisserai gonorrhoea and N.musculi .

Bridget Coologhan (Communication Sciences and Disorders; mentor: Joann Benigno) received $880 for Caregivers' perspectives of their experiences with their child with autism spectrum disorder in healthcare settings.

Alayna Coverly (Art and Design; mentor: John Sabraw) received $1,477 for Initimacy (working title).

Savannah Crawford (Art and Design; mentor: Arthur Werger) received $1,350 for What's new pussycat.

Stephen Deffet and Dan Manion (Art and Design; mentor: Courtney Kessel) received $1,167 for History of alternative spaces.

Lillian  Douds (Honors Tutorial College Communication Sciences and Disorders; mentor: Brooke Hallowell) received $1,350 for Examining pupillometric measures of cognitive effort associated with speaker variability during spoken word recognition.

Alison Fawcett (Art and Design; mentor: Brad Schwieger) received $535 for Rituals of consumption.

Katie Hoderlein (Art and Design; mentor: Audrey Shakespear) received $1,008 for (working title).

Rosemary Howell (Art and Design; mentor: Tom Bartel) received $1,500 for Thesis exhibition.

Sarah Karnes (Art and Design; mentor: Karla Hackenmiller) received $841 for Monocular dances (working title).

Matthew Keller (Honors Tutorial College Dance; mentor: Tresa Randall) received $373 for Assaultive performance: feminist body politics and dancenoise.

Alena Klimas (Political Science; mentor: Nukhet Sandal) received $1,500 for Towards integration or isolation?

Patrick Local (Honors Tutorial College Film; mentor: Rafal Sokolwski) received $1,455 for Transit.

Sarah Jane Lorenzo (Journalism; mentor: Bernhard Debatin) received $1,500 for Creating college pathways: exploring college awareness through public scholarship journalism.

Noah Lorincz-Comi (Psychology; mentor: Steven Evans) received $1,494 for Knowledge and usage of coping strategies to manage stress in college freshman with and without ADHD.

Kendall Markley (Art and Design; mentor: Don Adleta) received $1,288 for A visual metamorphosis of metaphor.

Matthew McGill (Honors Tutorial College Economics; mentor: Glenn Dutcher) received $1,500 for To breach or not to breach?

Savannah  McKenna (Biological Sciences and Edison Biotechnology Institute; mentor: Edward List) received $1,450 for Effect of an alternative form of growth hormone on liver triglycerides.

Michael McTernan (Honors Tutorial College Environmental Studies and Biological Sciences; mentor: Nancy Stevens) received $1,500 for Kaweri Coffee Plantation Biodiversity Assesment.

Isabella Mueller and Erica Custer (Honors Tutorial College Translational Health; mentor: David Russ) received $1,335 for Energy cost of electrical muscle stimulation during typing.

Elizabeth  Murphy (Honors Tutorial College Biological Sciences; mentor: Robert Colvin) received $1,460 for Investigating the co-culture between fly primary neurons and rat cortical neurons: an in vitro model of tau propogation.

Rosemary Oaks (Honors Tutorial College Biological Sciences; mentor: Karen Coschigano) received $1,500 for Examining the relationship between coxsackievirus infection and coxsackievirus and adenovirus receptor expression in NOD mouse kidneys.

Jordan Oddis (Applied Health Sciences and Wellness; mentor: Ian Klein) received $1,350 for Physiological changes of replacing run training with elliptical bike training over 4 weeks.

Asher Pollock (Honors Tutorial College Studio Arts; mentor: Jennie Klein) received $1,500 for Inverted// in a house of water (HTC thesis).

Patrick Ruz (Biological Sciences and Edison Biotechnology Institute; mentor: Edward List) received $1,425 for Effect of an alternative form of growth hormone on bone mineral density.

Jacob Sieg and Caroline Sigert (Honors Tutorial College Chemistry and Biochemistry and Honors Tutorial College Environmental and Plant Biology; mentor: Zhihua Hua) received $1,488 for Biochemical role of differentiation and greening like protein in hydrogen peroxide metabolism.

Logan Simons (Art and Design; mentor: Laura Larson) received $1,350 for Insights.

Selena Snyder (Honors Tutorial College Mathematics and Neuroscience; mentor: Annie Shen) received $1,495 for Biomedical event detection for EEG observational data—a novel approach using multiscale signal analysis theory.

Baylee Thomas (Art and Design; mentor: Melissa Haviland) received $1,500 for Cultural immersion in the Navajo Nation.

Andrew Travers (Biological Sciences; mentor: Kelly Johnson) received $1,474 for Effects of season and acid mine drainage on stream macroinvertebrates.

Hannah Grace Trew (Media Arts and Studies; mentor: Eric Williams) received $1,327 for My poetic narrative.

Jacquelyn Voet (Art and Design; mentor: Rajorshi Ghosh) received $777 for Peace by piece (working title).

William  Vu (Chemistry and Biochemistry; mentor: Zhihua Hua) received $1,293 for Functional characterization of TIR1-Clade-Fbox1 in auxin signaling.

Cody Wilson (Biological Sciences and Edison Biotechnology Institute; mentor: Darlene Berryman) received $1,350 for Analysis of white adipose tissue fibrosis using growth hormone deficient mice.