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University to review six proposals for Innovation Strategy Cycle 2 funding

From staff reports | Apr 4, 2017

Ohio University has given six interdisciplinary teams the opportunity to submit full proposals for funding from Cycle 2 of the Innovation Strategy program.

The teams have until May to submit the proposals for new initiatives in research, scholarship, creative work, teaching or administrative operations. A university committee will review the proposals this spring and will make funding recommendations to the administration. Final decisions will be made jointly by the Vice President for Research & Creative Activity, Executive Vice President & Provost and Vice President for Finance & Administration during Summer Semester.

The Innovation Strategy can award up to $4.4 million in funding to university projects in Cycle 2.

Twenty-two pre-proposals were submitted in December for consideration. Submissions included projects that initially received planning or seed grant funding during Cycle 1, as well as new projects developed in response to the Cycle 2 Request for Proposals.

Applicants were encouraged to think big and to submit ideas for major awards that engage with societal challenges in new ways via interdisciplinary approaches.

“The Cycle 2 pre-proposals provide further testimony to the creativity and vision of our faculty and staff in bringing interdisciplinary approaches to advancing innovation,” said Joseph Shields, vice president for research and creative activity and dean of the Graduate College. “I am encouraged by the level of participation across all of our academic colleges and the mix of existing and new teams in this cycle.”

In addition to the six teams invited to apply for major funding, nine teams have been invited to submit proposals for planning grants that would enable them to nurture meritorious ideas. 

“The Innovation Strategy funding process is intended not only to carry out projects with major durable impact, but also to build the university’s capacity for team-based interdisciplinary collaboration,” Shields said.  “The funding process couples extensive feedback during the review process with developmental awards to help grow a pipeline of innovation.”

For more information about the Innovation Strategy, including the six projects moving forward, visit: www.ohio.edu/research/innovationstrategy.cfm.