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Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fund provides $56,218 for student projects

From staff reports | Nov 4, 2015

The Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fund has provided 49 Ohio University students with a total of $56,218 in funding for their original research, scholarship and creative work this fall.

The program received 89 proposals with a total funding request of $108,372. Students may request up to $1,500 per proposal.

The Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fund is funded by the Executive Vice President and Provost and administered by the Research Division.

For more information about the program, visit www.ohio.edu/research/funding.cfm.

The 2015-16 recipients are:

James Anderson (Geological Sciences; mentor: Aycia Stigall) received $1,000 for Do the Basal Sandstones of the Simpson Group Represent the Same Source Area?

Jenna Behnfeldt (Nursing; mentor: Rika Tanda) received $638 for Knowledge and Promotion of Physical Activity in General/Family Practice Physicians.

Stephen Bell (Edison Biotechnology Institute; mentor: John Kopchick) received $1,500 for Validation of the Induced Adult Growth Hormone Receptor Disrupted Mice Using Protein.

Rachel Bender (Painting & Drawing; mentor: John Sabraw) received $1,498 for Deconstructing Gender Roles Through Dolls.

Joshua Blosser (Biological Sciences; mentor: Daewoo Lee) received $1,500 for L-DOPA Induced Dyskinesia Model.

Avery Bogart (Biomedical Sciences; mentor: Karen Coschigano) received $1,500 for Determining Location of Up-Regulated RNA Expression in Diabetic STAT5 Knockout Mouse Kidneys.

Matthew Buchman (Molecular and Cellular Biology; mentor: Ed List) received $1,383 for Analysis of Mammalian Target of Rapamycin in Short-lived bGH Mice.

Seth Cones (Biological Sciences; mentor: Willem Roosenburg) received $1,500 for New Trails for Timber Rattlesnake Conservation.

Chi Coppinger (Art-Sculpture; mentor: Duane McDiarmid) received $1,245 for World Matters and the Impact of the Individual.

Kelsey Dillow (Photography & Integrated Media; mentor: Laura Larson) received $988 for Feral Temptations of Home.

Andrew Doherty (Art & Design; mentor: Mark Franz) received $643 for The Human Integral (Title in Progress).

Eli Flannagan (Graphic Design; mentor: Misty Thomas-Trout) received $1,500 for (Working Title).

Jordan Francisco (Environmental & Plant Biology; mentor: David Rosenthal) received $584 for Nitrogen Fixing Efficiency Among Peanut Cultivors.

Kyle Gatt (Environmental & Plant Biology; mentor: Harvey Ballard) received $1,323 for Species Discovery and Evolution in a Complex Violet Group.

Lily Gelfand (Music; mentor: Andre Gribou) received $550 for Music for Dance: Using a Loop-Pedal System for Technique Class and Composition.

Jolena Hansbarger (Printmaking; mentor: Karla Hackenmiller) received $1,500 for Athens Urban Quilt Trail.

Christine Hanson (Biological Sciences; mentor: Willem Roosenburg) received $1,496 for Do Ground-Bone Vibrations Affect Road and Ecopassage Success in Snakes?

Margaret Harrison (Communication Sciences & Disorders; mentor: Chao-Yang Lee) received $1,500 for Audiovisual Integration in Native and Non-native Speech Perception.

Jeremy Held (Environmental & Plant Biology; mentor: Harvey Ballard) received $1,426 for Genetic Diversity in Green Ash, Pre- and Post-Emerald Ash Borer Arrival.

Chase Hudak (Environmental & Plant Biology; mentor: Allan Showalter) received $900 for Phenotypic Characterization of Hydroxyproline-galactosyltransferase Mutants with Altered Glycosylation of Arabinogalactan-Proteins in Arabidopis.

Michael Jung (Art & Design; mentor: Don Adleta) received $1,418 for RePrint.

Danielle Keeton-Olsen (Journalism; mentor: Elizabeth Hendrickson) received $500 for Law Enforcement & Community Relations in Appalachian Ohio.

Emma Kessler (Chemistry & Biochemistry; mentor: Stephen Bergmeier) received $1,500 for Small Molecule Inhibitors of Glul-1 Glucose Transporter Induce Apoplosis in Cancer Cells by Inhibiting Glucose Uptake.

Jesse Kowalski (Edison Biotechnology Institute; mentor: Ed List) received $1,500 for The Effects of Diet-Induced Obesity and Weight Cycling on Immune Cell Populations in Mice.

Kim Kraus (Biological Sciences; mentor: Robert Colvin) received $1,500 for Optimization and Utilization of Hybrid Culture Between Rat and Fly Primary Neurons: A Novel Model for Studying Neurodegenerative Diseases.

Michael McTernana (Biological Sciences; mentor: Willem Roosenburg) received $1,500 for Usage of Anthropogenically Created Habitat by Timber Rattlesnakes in Wayne National Forest.

Anna Mendlein ( Psychology; mentor: Peggy Zoccola) received $500 for The Relationship Between Connectedness to the LGBTQ Community Nonmetropoliton Location and Depressive Symptoms Among LGBTQ Young Adults.

Erica Mirth (Art; mentor: Melissa Haviland) received $1,496 for Creative Multi-Dimensional Exploration.

Johnna Miska ( Painting & Drawing; mentor: John Sabraw) received $726 for "If I Couldn't Laugh at Myself…" Senior Thesis Exhibition.

Nasra Mohamed (Art & Design; mentor: Stacey Stewart) received $950 for Oral Tradition and Graphical Systems of Communication.

Keelan O'Sullivan (Film; mentor: Ofer Eliaz) received $1,500 for Chantier.

Samuel Pitcairn (Applied Health Sciences & Wellness; mentor: Michael Kushnick) received $1,500 for Blood Glucose Levels Followign Acute Overfeeding and a Single Bout of Exercise.

Kelsey Pohl (Art & Design; mentor: Mary Schoenhoff) received $420 for Missing Pages (Working Title).

Asher Pollock (Painting & Drawing; mentor: Lori Esposito) received $995 for (Title to be Determined).

Sam Regas (Sociology; mentor: Elizabeth Lee) received $750 for Establishing "Struggle Cred": How Middle-Class Students Downplay Privilege and Legitimate Class Identities.

Madeline Rettig (Anthropology; mentor: Haely Duschinski) received $898 for Human Rights Discourse Within Prison Walls.

Essence Rivers (Psychology; mentor: Keith Markman) received $1,187 for Emotional Intelligence as a Buffer Against the Negative Effects of Ostracism.

Sara Sand and Zaid Gharaybeh (Electrical Engineering; mentor: Wojciech Jadiswisienczak) received $1,500 for Synthesis and Characterization of Boron Nitride Nanofibers Using Electrospinning Technique.

Celina Sarkes (Edison Biotechnology Institute; mentor: Ed List) received $1,500 for Protcomic Analysis of the Secretomes for Various Adipose Tissue Depots in Mice.

Laurel Sira (Graphic Design; mentor: Mark Franz) received $810 for Color for a Cause.

Samantha Slone (Art & Design; mentor: John Sabraw) received $941 for Legacies.

Kaleigh Sutherland (Art & Design; mentor: Mark Franz) received $1,500 for Tactile Value (Working Title).

Evan Taylor (Art & Design; mentor: Don Adleta) received $1,109 for The Value of Design, The Role of Traditional Processes.

Nikki Volpenhein (Painting & Drawing; mentor: John Sabraw) received $799 for Inertia.

Ben Waddell (Biomedical Sciences; mentor: Mark Berryman) received $1,488 for The Nature of Deafness-Linked Proteins CLIC5 and RDX.

Olivia Wallace (Sociology & Anthropology; mentor: Matthew Rosen) received $1,052 for Feura de Legar (Out of Place).

Michelle Ward (Biological Sciences; mentor: Kelly Williams) received $1,005 for Diet Effects on Nestling Condition and Fledgling Success in Hooded Warbler.

Cody Wilson (Applied Health Sciences & Wellness, Biomedical Sciences; mentor: Darlene Berryman) received $1,500 for Determining a Factor in White Adipose Tissue Fibrosis Using Circulation IGF-1 Deficient Mice.