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Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fund provides $46,035 for 2017-18 student projects

From staff reports | Nov 13, 2017

The Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fund has provided 37 Ohio University students with a total of $46,035 in funding for their original research, scholarship and creative work this fall.

The program received 69 proposals with a total funding request of $84,183. Students may request up to $1,500 per proposal.

The Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fund is funded by the Executive Vice President and Provost and administered by the Research Division.

For more information about the program, visit www.ohio.edu/research/funding.cfm.

The 2017-18 recipients are:

  • John Armour, mentor: Mateo Galvano, Art + Design, A Violent Composure, $1,485

  • Samuel Benezra, mentor: Kevin Mattson, Honors Tutorial College (HTC) History, (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais: Punk Rock, Race, and the Political Significance of a Musical Movement, $1,500

  • Kelly Bilz, mentor: Neil Bernstein, HTC Classics and World Religions, Biduum Latinum Virginianum Conference, $330

  • Elizabeth Boch, mentor: John Sabraw, HTC Art + Design/Painting + Drawing, The Pawns’ Daily Toil, $1,021

  • Rachel Broughton, mentor: Matthew Rosen, HTC Anthropology, Resistencia Mestizo Punk in Peru, $1,500

  • Caleb Burke, mentor: Ronan Carroll, HTC Biological Sciences, Identification of Biofilm Specific RNAs, $1,500

  • Emily Caggiano, mentor: Monica Burdick, Honors HTC Biological Sciences, Nucleolin Silencing by Transfection through the Use of Plasma Treatment, $1,488

  • Andrew Caillet, mentor: Ronan Carroll, Biological Sciences, Investigating How the Small RNA Teg41 Contributes to S. aureus Biofilm Growth, $1,500

  • Stacie Carlton, mentor: Smoki Musaraj, HTC Anthropology, Whose Global City? People and the Rights to Place, $1,500

  • Savannah Crawford, mentor: Arthur Werger, Art + Design, The Color Spectrum Series, $980

  • Madeline Fowler, mentor: Brad Schwieger, Art + Design, Sunday Brunch (Working Title), $1,451

  • Sal Gomez, mentor: Mark Berryman, Biological Sciences, Does CLIC5 Bind Directly to Protein Phosphatase 1?, $1,500

  • Sarah Higgins, mentor: Audrey Shakespear,  Art + Design, Pro Craft, $1,217

  • Elizabeth Janshego, mentor: Laura Larson, Art + Design, A Cents of Time, $816

  • Melissa Kauffman, mentor: Sumit Sharma, Biological Sciences, Understanding Protein-protein Interactions and their Inhibition Using Molecular Simulations, $300

  • Haley Lepior, mentor: Robert Brannan, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness, Using Whey Protein Isolate to Reduce Oil Absorption in Bone-in Fried Chicken, $870

  • Patrick Local, mentor: Rafal Sokolowski, HTC Film, Modern Distribution for the American Independent Film, $1,500

  • Savannah McKenna, mentor: Edward List, Biological Sciences and Edison Biotechnology Institute, Effect of Growth Hormone Therapy on Liver Triglycerides in GH-knockout mice, $1,450

  • Justin Mitchell, mentor: Edward List, Biological Sciences and Edison Biotechnology Institute, Effect of Growth Hormone Receptor Ablation on Fibrosis, $1,491

  • Simon Moskowitz, mentor: Michael Clevidence, Applied Health Sciences and Wellness , Quantifying Training Load in Collegiate Women's Cross Country: Is There Evidence of Discrepancies between Coach and Athletes?, $1,500

  • Macie Petrich and Madeline Petrich, mentor: Chao-Yang Lee, Communication Sciences and Disorders, The Influence of Audiovisual Information and Familiarity in Processing Twin Speech, $1,500

  • Kenneth Rosario, mentor:  Wojciech Jadwisienczak, Mechanical Engineering, Developing Processes and Parts for Conducting High Pressure Experiments Using a Diamond Anvil Cell (DAC), $870

  • Samantha Selhorst, mentor:  Corinne Nielsen, HTC Biological Sciences, Examining Pericyte Cells in Rbpj-related Brain Arteriovenous Malformation, $1,499

  • Morgan Sieg, mentor: Zelma Badu-Younge, HTC Music, The Relation Between Musicians and Dancers in Ghanaian Music, $1,500

  • Luke Skinner, mentor: Kelly Burns, Music and History, Experiencing the Fine Arts and Vocal Instruction in London, $884

  • Julie Slyby, mentor:  Edward List, HTC Biological Sciences and Edison Biotechnology Institute, Analysis of Cardiovascular Risk During Weight Cycling, $1,473

  • Ashton Smith, mentor:  Allan Showalter, Environmental and Plant Biology, Identification and Characterization of Genetic Mutants for the Biosynthesis of Arabinogalactan Proteins, $1,500

  • Andrew Stroud, mentor: Wojciech Jadwisienczak, Mechanical Engineering, Demonstration of White Light Emitting Diodes with Dynamically Tunable Chromaticity, $1,468

  • Baylee Thomas, mentor: Melissa Haviland, Art + Design, The Federal Bureau of Land Management Kills Horses, $1,500

  • Christian Thomas, mentor:  Patricia Nadeau, HTC Geological Sciences, The Evolving Composition of Augusttine Volcano's Source Magma and Its Implications for Future Behavior, $1,500

  • Rebecca VanRyzin, mentor: Audrey Shakespear, Art + Design, The Mug Project: Social Impressions, $1,207

  • Michael Weinstein, mentor: Molly Morris, Biological Sciences, Selection of Juvenile Growth Rates in a Fish with Alternative Reproductive Tactics, $1,500

  • Anne Williams, mentor: Rajorshi Ghosh, Art + Design, Attention Deficit Disorder, $244

  • Cody Wilson, mentor: Darlene Berryman, Biological Sciences, Analysis of White Adipose Tissue Fibrosis using Cell Specific Means, $1,500

  • Marcus Wittekind, mentor: Ronan Carroll, Biological Sciences, Structure-function Analysis of the Bartobella hengelae Riboswitch Brt1, $1,500

  • Alexis Zabor, mentor: Audrey Shakespear, Art + Design, Art in Craft: Championing Women's Craft through Sculpture and Scale, $1,491