Ohio University

Community-engaged Research Initiative offers new resources

Ohio University has launched a Community-engaged Research Initiative designed to provide new resources for university faculty, staff and students and community members interested in collaborating on research projects. The initiative, led by the Research Division and the Center for Campus and Community Engagement at Ohio University, supports the university’s strategic priorities of community engagement, interdisciplinary research and experiential learning.

Community-engaged research is a process in which research is conducted in equal partnership with the community to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes. The process focuses on finding the right partners and developing a common language and understanding in order to build a strong, successful and sustainable collaboration.

Last year the university appointed an advisory board—comprised of faculty, staff and community members—to provide guidance and support to this initiative. The advisory board, in collaboration with community partners, hosted a series of workshops for university and community members to discuss the opportunities, potential obstacles and resources needed to support community-engaged research. As a direct result of these discussions, the university now offers the following resources:

  1. The Community-engaged Research website ( www.ohio.edu/community-engaged-research ) offers a listing of resources for both the university and community members interested in collaborating on research projects. Resources includes tips on how to get connected, FAQs, resources, training and a calendar of upcoming events.

  2. Four new CITI training modules ( www.citiprogram.org ) for Ohio University-affiliated researchers, including faculty, staff, students and collaborators, seeking to participate in community-engaged research. These modules (Community-Engagement Learning) provide an introduction to community-engaged research and review the ethical and practical considerations of engaging in it.

  3. A priority call for the Ohio University Research Committee (OURC) encourages faculty and staff to submit requests to support new community-based research projects ( www.ohio.edu/research/funding.cfm ). For FY20, additional funding has been allocated to encourage submission of community-engaged research proposals. For proposals to be considered under this priority, they must: (1) Meet the guidelines of the OURC program, (2) Meet the definition of community-engaged or community-based participatory research, and (3) Identify both a university and a community principal investigator.

  4. A special colloquia, “Life Through Their Lens: A photo collection by Amish and Mennonite Communities,” will feature a panel discussion by the project participants—Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine faculty member Melissa Thomas, Amish Bishop Jake Beachy, Amish Bishop David Kline, Photographer Talitha Tarro and Editor Margie Hiermer—and invite faculty, students, staff and community members to join the conversation. The event will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 13 in the Baker Center Ballroom.

For more information or questions about the Community-engaged Research Initiative, please contact CeR@ohio.edu.