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Student Expo Q&A: Austin Way 

In this series, Ohio University students share their experiences with participating in the annual Student Research and Creative Activity Expo. The event will be open to the public from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 10, 2014 at the Convocation Center.

Austin Way, undergraduate student in physics and astronomy and Honors Tutorial College

Austin Way

1) Why did you choose to participate in the Student Expo?

I chose to participate in the Student Expo because it is a great chance to showcase the research I am doing at Ohio University. It allows other students, faculty, and community members to see some of the impressive research being done by students here. Also, it gives me a chance to practice my presentation skills for conferences in the future.

2) What did you enjoy most about presenting your work at the event?

I enjoyed the genuine interest of each person who asked about my work. Everyone wanted to learn as much as possible while at the event.

3) What lessons did you learn?

I learned how to give a proper poster presentation and how to make my talk accessible to people from any background.

4) Why is the Student Expo important for Ohio University?

The Student Expo is an important event for Ohio University because it highlights the amazing research being done at the university. It gives people the opportunity to network and meet others doing work of interest to them. Also, it allows students to get much-needed presentation experience. In my opinion, it is one of the most beneficial events on campus.

5) Why would you encourage others to participate in or attend this event?

For students who have not gotten involved in research yet, this event will give you the opportunity to find research that you may want to do. Getting involved in research at the undergraduate level is a huge benefit when applying for graduate school or jobs.

For those students currently doing research, the Expo gives you the chance to show off a little. You get the chance to demonstrate what your hard work and dedication have created. Not to mention, you get valuable presentation experience, which is great on a resume.

6) Besides your presentation, did any presentation really impress you? If so, why?

Honestly, all of the presentations impressed me. There is such a wide range of research topics at the Expo that any major could find something interesting. Personally, I love finding random presentations that I know nothing about and having the work explained to me. It gives me a chance to learn something completely new.

Photo courtesy of Austin Way

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