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2016 President's Annual Report

These are difficult times for higher education. As we face skepticism regarding the value of a college degree, waning state support for education, and budget reductions, many institutions are struggling.

Ohio University has entered its third century with unprecedented strength and resilience. The successes and challenges of the past have yielded a wealth of experience in both identifying the needs of a changing society and a commitment to responding to them with innovative and unique solutions.

In these early years of the school’s third century, it is impossible to determine the direction the future will take. However, it is certain that Ohio University will navigate that future guided by the expertise, hard work, and intuition of administrators, faculty, and students who are all poised to rise in this new time.

In his State of the University address, President Roderick J. McDavis reflected upon his 12 years in office and highlighted many of the institution’s crowning achievements. The following text is a transcript of that address to the University community.