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OHIO’s research efforts encompass everything from astronomy to health care. Such initiatives advance the frontiers of knowledge across a variety of fields and often involve students and faculty in projects that may better the human condition. Below are a few noteworthy items exemplifying our recent achievements.

NASA study reveals mysteries of neutron star

OHIO Professor of Physics and Astronomy Madappa Prakash is part of an international research team that discovered a remarkable state of matter in high-density neutron star Cassiopeia A, which has puzzled scientists by cooling at an unusually fast rate. Their findings indicate that cores of neutron stars are made of superfluids and super-
conducting materials. Read more

World’s top bioengineering prize awarded

OHIO’s Fritz J. and Dolores H. Russ College of Engineering and Technology and the National Academy of Engineering awarded the 2011 Russ Prize to Leroy E. Hood, whose work on automating DNA sequencing revolutionized biomedicine and forensic science. The prize was established in 1999 through an endowment to OHIO from the late Fritz Russ, a 1942 engineering graduate, and his wife, Dolores. The Russ Prize is bioengineering’s highest honor, awarding winners $500,000. Read more

OHIO researcher developing new tools in the fight against cancer

Monica Burdick, an assistant professor in OHIO’s Russ College of Engineering and Technology, received $942,000 in federal funding to develop new diagnostic tools for disease, including one that could identify aggressive cancer cells. She also received $499,996 in funding support from the National Science Foundation/National Cancer Institute to undertake a study designed to identify cancer stem cells. Read more

Drug discovery could net millions for future research

The sale of partial royalty income rights from a drug invented at OHIO could net $52 million. The drug SOMAVERT® treats acromegaly and is
the result of research by the University’s Goll Ohio Professor of Molecular Biology John Kopchick and grad student Wen Chen. OHIO will use the funds to advance medicine research programs and efforts to commercialize faculty technologies in the areas of drug discovery and medical devices. It also plans to support three to four endowed professorships and several graduate student fellowships focused on cancer and endocrine disease research. Read more

Student’s research uses gaming technology to enhance health awareness

Second-year grad student and Fulbright scholar Stephanie Alleyne came to OHIO from Barbados in order undertake an innovative research project—she’s raising awareness about diabetes in children and supporting diabetes prevention through online games. Alleyne’s game could be used by schools, parents, and health professionals. Read more

Hundreds of students participate in research event

More than 600 participants in OHIO’s Student Research and Creative Activity Expo showcased projects ranging from dinosaur research to oil pipeline corrosion to contemporary dance. The Expo and the Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fund set OHIO apart from many institutions by engaging undergraduates in research. Read more