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The RELIEF Study

How many times do I have to come in?
You will need to attend 9 appointments at our research facilities over the course of 7 to 8-weeks. Three weeks of interventions and 4-weeks of follow-up testing. The maximum anticipated time involved for each visit is as follows:

      • Visit 1 - 2-hours
      • Visit 2 - 3-hours
      • Visit 3 - 30-minutes
      • Visit 4 - 30-minutes
      • Visit 5 - 30-minutes
      • Visit 6 - 30-minutes
      • Visit 7 - 30-minutes
      • Visit 8 - 2-hours
      • Visit 9 - 2-hours

Where do I park?
Parking is available and arrangements will be made for you to ensure easy access to our facilities.

What are the transportation options?
Our facilities are on the Ohio University Athens Campus and easily reachable by walking, driving, or by the local bus systems. We will do everything possible to accommodate your transportation needs.

How does scheduling work?
We will be as flexible as possible in scheduling and will try to accommodate your needs.

Can I come for appointments in the evening? On the weekends?
Yes. We will try to be as accommodating as possible.

Will I get paid each time I come in or all at the beginning?
You will be compensated for your time and inconvenience with a pre-set stipend at each visit.

Will I still get paid if I stop before the end of the study?
You will be compensated with the cumulative amount allotted to each visit attended.

Will there be needles?

Is there anything invasive?
No. All interventions and experiments are completely non-invasive.

Will it make my back hurt more?
Temporary increased soreness after some appointments is possible.

Will it make my back hurt less?
This is unknown.

More questions?
Please call us at 740.566.7246 (PAIN) or email RELIEF@ohio.edu for any questions or to discuss The RELIEF Study further.

Looking for more effective treatment for your low back pain? So are we.


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