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(Transition Degree Completion Plan)


Click Here to access your Approved TDCP via the Faculty & Advising Center

Not all TDCPs are available online. Once your TDCP is approved by your college you will be sent an email and can view your TDCP online.

Some users have experienced issues with using Internet Explorer that causes the Faculty & Advising Center to display incorrectly. It is suggested you use either Firefox, Chrome or update to Internet Explorer 9.

Detailed Instructions for Accessing your Approved TDCP.

  1. Login to the Faculty & Advising Center using your OHIO ID and password.

    Login to Faculty & Advising Center

  2. Click on TDCP in the top left corner, to the right of DARS.
    If you do not see the TDCP link then your TDCP has not made it through the complete approval process yet.

    TDCP Link

  3. Depending upon your browser settings you will be prompted to open or save your TDCP as a PDF.

Q2S Resources
The TDCP is just one of the many tools available to help you manage your transition to semesters. Please work with your advisor and consult the Q2S website or contact the Allen Student Help Center at 740.566.8888 or for additional information regarding the Q2S transition at OHIO University.

If you have forgotten or need help changing your OHIO password, information is available on the OIT Web site or contact the service desk at 740.593.1222.

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