Ohio University

Registration and Appointment Time for Spring Semester 2019-20

From: OHIO Registrar <registration@ohio.edu>
Sent: Wednesday, October 16, 2019 10:41 AM
To: Enrolled Students
Subject: Registration and Appointment Time for Spring Semester 2019-20

Dear Student,

In preparation for registering for spring semester, please be aware of the following:

  1. Your enrollment appointment (registration access) time has been assigned and is now available in MyOHIO Student Center. Your appointment is determined by the accumulated hours earned as of October 11, 2019. You may register for classes on or after your enrollment appointment time:


START DATE: 11/15/2019



  1. Your DARS has been updated in preparation for advising. Please review your DARS report in advance of meeting with your advisor(s). Sign in to your DARS to see the progress you are making toward graduation. You may also run a What-if DARS for a different major, minor, or certificate. To learn more about DARS, please visit this page of Frequently Asked Questions.
  1. Prior to registering for spring semester classes, undergraduate students must communicate with their academic advisor(s). If you need to identify your advisor(s), please check MyOHIO Student Center. If you have questions or concerns about meeting or communicating with your academic advisor(s), here is some information about advising that may help you prepare: https://www.ohio.edu/uc/advising-center/academic-advising-overview.
  1. You may use the Course Offerings to identify courses being offered spring semester.  If you are enrolling in classes that have specific meeting times you may use the Schedule Planner.  Schedule Planner is a tool in MyOHIO Student Center. It lets you compare all possible schedules for a list of courses you want to take. Use this tool to find your best schedule and add it to your MyOHIO Student Center shopping cart.  Additional resources are available on our Schedule Planner page.
  2. You should review your information in MyOHIO Student Center:
    1. Enrollment appointment time: Available in the Enrollment Dates box to the right.
    2. Registration holds: Available in the Holds box to the right. Click details for more information.
    3. Priority Registration Advising hold: If this hold is displayed, you must contact your academic advisor(s) before registering for classes (advising begins Monday, October 21, 2019).
      • If you are pursuing more than one major then your hold must be released for each major.
      • You will be sent an email message when your Priority Registration Advising hold is released.
      • Once your Priority Registration Advising hold has been released, you may register for classes at or after your enrollment appointment time.
    4. Advisor: Available in the Advisor box to the right. 

If you have any questions about how to register for classes, please visit the University Registrar website.

Any other questions related to registration may be sent to registration@ohio.edu.

Best wishes for the rest of fall semester!

Debra M. Benton
University Registrar
Ohio University