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MyInformation for Registration and Advising

Ohio University students may obtain their registration and advising information online. To access your information, you must use your student OHIO ID and password. Information about your student OHIO ID and password is available online at

Summer Registration:

  • Since there is no priority registration for summer you do not have to meet with an academic advisor, but it is recommended, especially if you have questions.

Fall and Spring Priority Registration:

  • Undergraduate students are required to meet with an academic advisor prior to registering for classes. All undergraduate students will have a priority registration advising hold until your advisor releases the hold. You will receive an email when your priority registration advising hold is released.
  • Your enrollment appointment (registration access) time is available in My OHIO Student Center. You will receive an email notification when your appointment time has been assigned.
  • For planning purposes only, you may add classes to your cart in My OHIO Student Center prior to your enrollment appointment time. You are not registered in your classes until you finalize your registration by clicking “Finish Enrolling” and receive the success message for each class to indicate you are enrolled.
Advisor Information:
  • Your advisor is listed in My OHIO Student Center in the Advisor box.
  • Your advisor is listed on the first page of your DARS report.  Your DARS report is available online.

Academic Program Information:

  • Your declared academic programs are listed in My OHIO Student Center. Click on My Academics link to find your declared programs. Note: Academic programs to which you have been admitted for a future semester will not display until just before you are permitted to register for classes.
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