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Web  Registration  Worksheet

This form is designed for printing.
If you know some of your information already, you can enter it in the boxes below before printing.
Go to step six and select the appropriate quarter before printing.

You can use Web Registration to:

  • Add/drop/replace classes
  • Search for open sections of classes
  • View and print your schedule
  • Please note:
  • Your access time is the same whether you use Web Registration or TRIPS
  • Web Registration is available the same time TRIPS is available. (see registration times)

  •   The Web Registration site has been optimized to run with browser versions greater than or equal to Netscape 4.04 and Internet Explorer 4.0. If you have an older browser version, you must update your browser in order to use Web Registration. To determine what version of Internet Explorer you are using, click "About Internet Explorer" on the "help" menu bar. To determine what version of Netscape you are using, click "About Communicator" on the"Help" menu bar.

    Questions:  For registration questions or assistance regarding Web Registration, please call (740) 593-4324 or e-mail registration@ohio.edu or contact your regional campus student services office. For technical questions or assistance regarding Web Registration, please call (740) 593-1222 or e-mail helpdesk@ohio.edu.

    How To Use Web Registration

    Step 1    Go to the Registrar's homepage at: http://www.ohiou.edu/registrar

    Step 2     Click  Register for Classes under Online Services.
    Step 3    Read the Instructions for Web Registration page and click continue...
    at the end of the page.
    Step 4    Enter your Person Identification Number 
                   OR your social security number:  

    Step 5    Enter your 4-digit Registration Access Code (RAC):      
    (Not required for Summer Quarter)
    Step 6    Select the quarter you are registering for. 

    Step 7    Click Submit after completings steps 4-6.
    Step 8    After getting the Login Sucessful! message, read the information regarding prerequisite
    checking, financial obligations, and financial aid and scholarship recipients.              If you agree, click Submit and proceed to register or, if you you disagree,
    click I Disagree to exit Web Registration.                 If you agree, continue to Step 9.
    Step 9     Selectm Add, m Drop, or m
      Replace Class, enter the Call Number, select Grading option if necessary, and click Submit.
      Note: Classes taken for audit do not count toward requirements for graduation. 
      See Auditing a Class for more information.
          Repeat Step 9 until your schedule is complete.
    Step 10    If you would like to print a copy of your schedule, click Open Printable Window. 
    Then click the print icon.
    Step 11      After you print your schedule, close the printable window. 
    If you are using an IBM/Compatible, click the x in the top right of the window.                   If you are using a Macintosh, click the square in the top left of the window.
    Step 12    When you have completed your registration, click EXIT WEB REGISTRATION 
    at the bottom of the page.

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    PJ Guthrie revised this page on September 27, 2004
    Please e-mail comments to "registrar@ohiou.edu".