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Registration Worksheet

(Note:  We recommend using a corded touch-tone telephone when calling TRIPS!)

This form is designed for printing.
If you know some of your information already, you can enter it in the boxes below before printing.
Go to step four and select the appropriate quarter before printing.

  • You must use a touch-tone telephone.
  • Complete the worksheet below.
  • Enter "1" to access the registration system.
  • Enter your social security number slowly and carefully to avoid access problems when calling TRIPS.
  • Use call numbers when entering class requests.
  • A voice response will guide you after each entry.
  • Be sure to have alternate classes ready in the event that some classes are closed.
  • Enrollment in "permission required" classes must be done in person. (Athens Campus - See the instructor/departmental chair to obtain a class permission slip and return to the appropriate office as indicated on the form. Regional Campuses - Contact student services office.)
  • Follow steps 1-7 in order to complete registration.
Questions:  If you have questions regarding registration on TRIPS, please call the Registrar's Office at (740) 593-4324 or contact your regional campus student services office.

How To Get Help

In Step 4, TRIPS will ask you to enter the term for which you are registering. Enter 0 for help in using the system.

How To Register By Phone

  Step 1   Call the TRIPS number.

           If calling long distance, use the TOLL FREE phone number:

                       On Athens campus, just dial:             Off campus, dial: 

Step 2   Enter  to access the registration system.

Step 3   Enter your social security number: --

Step 4   Enter 

Step 5   Enter your 4-digit Registration Access Code (RAC): 
        (See Registration Access Code Information)


Step 6  Enter    to add, drop or replace a class; OR

                         to hear class schedule with time and location; OR

                         to hear list of classes without time and location.
Step 7   Enter  to add a class,  to drop a class, or  to

           replace a class.  Continue Step 7 until your registration

           is complete.



                           ADDITIONAL CLASS REQUESTS ADD   CALL NUMBER   GRADE OP*  *  PFX  NUM  TIME  DAY(S)  CR HRS                          DROP CLASS CALL NUMBER      REPLACE CLASS CALL NUMBER        *EXPLANATION OF GRADE OPTIONS (AUDIT OR CREDIT)       To declare the audit option (non-credit, AU grade)
                                             enter AU after the call number.               
                                             Note: Classes taken for audit do not count toward requirements for graduation.
                                             See Auditing a Class for more information.            To declare the credit option (regular

                                              credit, regular grade) enter the pound

                                              key (#) after the call number.

NOTE: Pass/fail option is not available through TRIPS. Register for the class on TRIPS then contact the student services office in your college on or before the date on the academic calendar to apply for the grading option.

Step 8   To double-check your schedule after registering for all

             of your classes

         Enter  to return to previous menu.  After message,

         Enter  to hear your course requests.

         Enter  to exit TRIPS.


Step 8   If you decide not to double-check your schedule

         Enter  to finalize your schedule and exit TRIPS.

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PJ Guthrie revised this page on September 27, 2004
Please e-mail comments to "registrar@ohiou.edu".