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Summer Semester 2012-13 Schedule of Classes

    Mission Statement, Office of the University Registrar
Part I   Course Offerings
Part II   Information
    Calendar, Summer Semester 2012-13
    Graduation Application Deadlines
    Summer Semester 2012-13 Registration Schedule
       How to register for classes video (on-campus viewing)
       how to register for classes video (off-campus viewing)
       Registration Instructions
       Colleges/Academic Student Services Offices
    University Contacts
    Official Notifications for Students
       Drug-Free Schools, Information and Guidelines for Ohio University Students
       Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act
       Notice of Non-Discrimination
       Notification of Student Rights (FERPA)
    General Education Requirements
    General Information (listed alphabetically)
       Academic Status, Student
       Address, Change of
       Auditing a Class
       Books, How to Find Textbooks for Classes
       Cancellation of Registration
       Class Attendance - Dropping Non-attending Students (Two-Hour Rule)
       Class Canceled Due to Insufficient Enrollment
       Class Permission Slips
       Class Schedule, Change of
       Commencement/Cap and Gown/Honors
       Computers (Technical Support)
       Course Load
       Course Offerings
       Day Key (Class Meeting)
       Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)
       Departmental Honors
       Description of Course Offerings
       Directory Information Deadline
       Email (Your University Account)
       Fee Assessment Information
       Final Examinations
       Financial Aid
       Financial Assistance
       Flexibly Scheduled Classes
       Grade Appeals
       Grade Report, Student
       Graduate Courses
       Graduate School Admissions Test
       Graduate Students Taking Undergraduate Classes
       Graduation Application
       Housing and Food Service Regulations
       Identification Cards
       International Students
       Level Change - Undergraduate to Graduate/Graduate to Undergraduate
       Major Program or College, Change of
       Meal Plan Procedure
       Name, Change of
       OHIO ID
       Parking Services
       Pass/Fail Grading Option
       Permission Required
       Personal Information, Change of
       Recreational Opportunities
       Re-enrolling Students
       Repeating a Course
       Retaking a Course
       Schedules, Student
       Selective Service Registration
       Sixty Plus Program
       Student Identification Number
       TB Skin Test
       University Closing Information
       University Professor Program
       Veterans Benefits
       Withdrawal from the University
    Ohio University 2012-13 Academic Calendar
    Requisite Key
    Regional Campus Information
       General Information (pertaining to all campuses)
       Campus Specific Information

Although care is taken to ensure the accuracy of all information, there might be unintended errors and changes or deletions in the content without notification to students. All information is subject to change without notice or obligation. The University reserves the right to set minimum limits for enrollment in certain classes and to cancel classes with insufficient enrollment. Ohio University is an affirmative action institution.

Office of the University Registrar