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Web Registration Worksheet

How to get HELP ? At the bottom of the screen seen in Step 9, click Help/Explanation of Terms.
How to register on the Web:
Step 1 
Access the Office of the University Registrar Web site, www.ohio.edu/registrar.
Step 2  Select Register for Classes under Online Services.
Step 3  Select and read the Web Registration Instructions. (You may choose to leave that window open for future reference.) Scroll to the bottom of the Web Registration page and press the CONTINUE button.
Step 4  Enter your Person Identification Number (PID)
PID (Example: P123456789)
OR your Social Security Number
    SSN (Example: 000000000)
Step 5  Enter your 4-digit Registration Access Code (RAC):
(see General Information: Registration Access Code)
Step 6  Select the appropriate term from the drop down menu.
Step 7  Press the SUBMIT button after completing Steps 4 - 6.
Step 8  After receiving the Login Successful! message, read the information regarding prerequisite checking, financial obligations, insurance, and financial aid and scholarship recipients. If you agree, press the I AGREE button and proceed to Step 9. If you disagree, press the I DISAGREE button to exit Web Registration.

Select Add, Drop, OR Replace Class, enter the Call Number, select Grading Option, if necessary, and press the SUBMIT button.

Note: Classes taken for audit do not count toward requirements for graduation (see General Information: Auditing a Class before you register).

Step 10  To print a copy of your schedule, select the print icon on your Web browser or select the OPEN PRINTABLE WINDOW button.
Step 11  After you print your schedule, close the printable window. If you are using a PC, click the X located at the top right of the window. If you are using a Macintosh, click the square located at the top left of the window.
Step 12  When you have completed your registration, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select EXIT WEB REGISTRATION.
Note:  Pass/Fail Grading Option is NOT available through Web Registration. Register for a class then contact the student services office of your college or regional campus student services office on or before the 15th day of the quarter to apply for the pass/fail grading option. (See calendar for dates)

Instructions for using the Web Registration system are available online from the screen listed in Step 3.

The Web Registration site has been optimized to run in modern versions of the Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. If you have an older browser version, it is recommended that you update before attempting to use Web Registration.

For technical questions or assistance regarding Web Registration, please call (740) 593-1222, or e-mail servicedesk@ohio.edu. For registration questions or assistance, please call (740) 593-4324, or e-mail registration@ohio.edu.

Office of the University Registrar registrar@ohio.edu