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Lancaster Campus

In most instances, regional campus students are bound by the dates, deadlines, policies, and procedures as published in the Schedule of Classes. Exceptions and variations applicable to the Lancaster campus are noted below.

Registrar for your classes on or after your registration appointment time listed in My OHIO Student Center (which may be accessed from My OHIO portal - Academics tab).

Graduate students taking undergraduate courses pay graduate fees (see General Information: Fee Assessment Information).

The initial due date for fall fees will be Monday, August 22, 2011, for returning students. This will include registration charges incurred as of Monday, July 25, 2011. Account balance notifications for newly incurred charges are e-mailed at the beginning of each month and are due on the 21st of the month. Payments not received by the due date will incur a late fee of 1.5%.

Payment can be made by cash, by check, or electronically using eCheck or credit card (American Express, Discover, or MasterCard). Payment by eCheck or by credit card can be made by visiting My OHIO portal (Accounts tab). eCheck has no service charge and is available to all students. Credit card payments will have a service charge assessed based on the transaction amount. Checks are to be made payable to Ohio University. Be sure the check is properly completed (date, amount due, and signature). Postdated checks will not be accepted. Please indicate the student's Person Identification Number (PID) on the front of the check. Checks may be mailed to: Ohio University, Chubb Hall 010, PO Box 960, Athens, OH 45701. Credit cards are accepted at regional campuses for regional campus students only.

It is the policy of the faculty of Ohio University Lancaster that all final examinations be given during finals week at the scheduled times. Neither regular classes nor laboratories will be held during this week. Rescheduling of a final examination must be approved by the associate dean.

Normally, no Lancaster campus student will be required to take more than three final examinations in one day. If such a case should arise, the student involved, working through the associate dean and in consultation with the faculty member(s) concerned, should attempt to arrive at a solution on an individual basis. The student should first seek relief from the instructor with the exam scheduled latest in the day. The student must bring this to the attention of all concerned at least two weeks prior to finals week.

Students registered at more than one campus should check their final exam schedules early to avoid possible conflicts.

Final exams begin
Wednesday, November 16, 2011.

The Lancaster campus daytime final schedule is as follows. Example: A class scheduled for MTWThF starting at 10:10 would hold its final exam in the slot shown for MWF 10:10 classes regardless of which day of the week the quarter begins.

Initial Class Meeting Day and Time Examination Day and Time
MWF 8:10 Fri 10:20-12:20
MWF 10:10 Wed 8:00-10:00
MWF 12:10 Wed 10:20-12:20
MWF 2:10 Wed 12:40-2:40
MWF 4:10 Wed 3:00-5:00
TTh 8:10 Fri 8:00-10:00
TTh 10:10 Thu 8:00-10:00
TTh 12:10 Thu 10:20-12:20
TTh 2:10 Thu 12:40-2:40
TTh 4:10 Thu 3:00-5:00
MWF 9:10 Mon 8:00-10:00
MWF 11:10 Mon 10:20-12:20
MWF 1:10 Mon 12:40-2:40
MWF 3:10 Mon 3:00-5:00
TTh 9:10 Tue 8:00-10:00
TTh 11:10 Tue 10:20-12:20
TTh 1:10 Tue 12:40-2:40
TTh 3:10 Tue 3:00-5:00
Sat 9:10 Sat 8:00-10:00
Sat 1:10 Sat 10:20-12:20

Final exams for courses starting 5:00 p.m. or later will be held at their regular class meeting times during finals week. Courses over the OU Learning Network may follow a different exam schedule. Students should verify final exam date and time with instructor early in the quarter.

See special information for international students.

Please pay careful attention to the following:

Information and instructions on using registration

Registration availability dates

University deadlines and procedures

Final deadline for applying for graduation for fall quarter. Apply using My OHIO portal - Academics tab.

BE SURE TO CHECK THE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR CLASSES AS YOU REGISTER. Any changes to days, times, etc. are visible on the Web. If a section is changed, an attempt is made to contact those students who registered for it before the change. However, success of such notification cannot be guaranteed. It will be expected that those who register after a change is made will see the change while registering. STUDENTS SHOULD PERIODICALLY CHECK COURSE INFORMATION ON THE WEB. Those with conflicts should consult an advisor.

Address: 1570 Granville Pike, Lancaster, OH 43130, Phone: (740) 654-6711 or 888-44-OHIOU (toll free for 740 and 614)

Contact the following offices if you have questions about the Lancaster campus:

Student Services in Brasee
   Admissions, Room 322, ext. 238
   Advising, Room 322, ext. 215
   Child Care, Room 322, ext. 264
   Financial Aid, Room 330, ext. 209
   Registration, Room 322, ext. 285

Billing, Cashier, Brasee Main Lobby, ext. 296

Noncredit courses, Center for Adult Learning, Brasee 314, ext. 249

Refunds, Cashier, Brasee Main Lobby, ext. 296

Workshops - Business and Industry, Center for Adult Learning, Brasee 314, ext. 249

Workshops - Education, Associate Dean, Brasee 517, ext. 211

Our bookstore (ext. 225) is located off the north lobby of Brasee. Hours of business are posted on the bookstore door.

The Library (ext. 220) is housed in Brasee Hall. Contact them for their hours.

Updated room assignments will be posted at the beginning of the quarter.

Remember to activate your Ohio account at technology.ohio.edu/myaccount/activate.html

Accounting Technology (Associate's Degree) Prof. Becker
Art Student Services
Associate in Arts/Associate in Science Mr. Wellington
Associate in Individualized Studies Mr. Wellington
Bachelor of Specialized Studies Ms. Jeffers, Mr. Wellington
Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies Prof. Middleton
Business Studies  
     Pre-Business Prof. Hoyt
     Business Management Technology (Associate's Degree) Prof. Hoyt, Prof. Middleton
     Business (Bachelor's Degree) Prof. Hoyt, Prof. Ault
Career Services Ms. Jeffers
Child Development (Associate's Degree) Dr. Cao
Communication Studies Dr. Blau , Dr. Evans, Dr. Thomas-Maddox
Computer Science Technology Prof. Wolfe
Criminal Justice Dr. Hutcherson
Deaf Studies & Interpreting Prof. Brooks
Education, First Quarter Students Ms. Lanier
Education, Early Childhood Dr. Cao
Education, Middle Childhood English & Secondary English Dr. Johnsen, Dr. Martin
Education, Middle Childhood Math & Secondary Math Dr. Martin
Education, Middle Childhood Social Studies & Secondary Social Studies Dr. Martin
Education, Middle Childhood Science & Secondary Science Dr. Kline, Dr. Martin
Electronic Media Prof. Tilton
English, Creative Writing Dr. Minar
Geography/Geological Sciences Student Services
Health Services Administration Student Services
Health Technology Prof. Smith
History Dr. Nevin, Dr. Wang
Human Services Technology Dr. Skeens
Industrial Maintenance Technology/Industrial Arts Prof. Z. Maxwell
Journalism Dr. Minar
Languages Student Services
Law Enforcement Technology Dr. Hutcherson
Master's Degrees Dr. Catri, (614) 367-9371, ext. 727
Materials Management Certificate Program Prof. Z. Maxwell
Mathematics Dr. Guerriero
Media Arts and Studies Prof. Tilton
Medical Assisting Technology Prof. S. Maxwell
Nursing Dr. Faber, Dr. Kline
Office Technology Certificate Program Prof. S. Maxwell
Philosophy Dr. Summerford
Physical Education Mr. Clay
Physical Science/Physics Dr. Doty
Pickerington Center Advisor Ms. Underwood
Political Science Dr. Trautman
Pre-Law Student Services
Psychology Dr. Drumm, Dr. Munhall
Real Estate Student Services
Sciences: Bacteriology / Biological Sciences / Dentistry (Bio) / Environmental and Plant Biology / Medicine (Bio) / Optometry / Physical Therapy / Veterinary Medicine Dr. Faber
Sciences: Chemistry / Dentistry (Chem) / Medicine (Chem) / Pharmacy Dr. Kline
Social Work Mr. Wellington
Sociology Dr. Baker
Undecided Mr. Wellington, Ms. Lanier, Ms. Jeffers, (Ms. Underwood, Pickerington Center)

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