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The graduation division of the Office of the University Registrar works closely with the college offices to coordinate the conferral and denial of degrees. In addition, the division prepares the student information used when printing the commencement program and orders and sends new and replacement diplomas.

Graduation is not automatic. To graduate, all students (undergraduate, graduate, and medical) must apply no later than the published graduation deadline for the term in which graduation is planned.  If you need assistance, contact Registrar Services, first floor, Chubb Hall, or your regional campus student services office.

To request a replacement diploma, please print and submit the Replacement Diploma Request Form.

For other graduation questions, please contact our staff:

General Graduation Information, Application, Commencement Program, Diploma Mailing, and Replacement Diplomas

Records Management Specialist
Brad McGrath, 740.593.4196

Academic Records and Athletic Eligibility Coordinator
Brooke Roberts, 740.593.4195

Assistant Registrar for Academic Records
Brenda Cox, 740.593.4192

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Ohio University
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1. Graduation Application

Graduation is not automatic. To graduate, apply at no later than the published graduation deadline.  If you need assistance, contact Registrar Services, first floor, Chubb Hall, or your regional campus student services. The name that appears in University records will be printed on the diploma. When applying, the student must indicate the major(s), minor(s), and certificate(s) that he/she intends to complete. After the application deadline, a list of candidates is sent to each college.

2. Application Review

Colleges review and verify the candidate information provided, including college, degree, major(s), and minor(s).

3. Graduation Requirement Verification

Colleges receive a degree audit report (DARS) for the candidates and verify the completion of degree requirements within the college. Academic departments may also be involved in the verification process. Degree requirement questions from candidates should be directed to the appropriate college office representative (see listing below). Colleges notify candidates of any degree requirement issues that may result in the denial of their degree for that particular semester.

4. Final Graduation Approval/Denial

Two weeks after the close of the term, a candidate list and updated DARS reports are sent to the college for a final review of degree requirements. The colleges confer or deny each degree and notify the Office of the University Registrar. Students who are denied graduation must re-apply by the posted deadline for the term in which they will complete their requirements.


College of Arts & Sciences
Undergraduate - Caryn Asleson - 740.593.2841
Graduate - Erin Thompson - 740.593.2854
College of Business
Undergraduate - Michael Bila - 740.593.1344
Graduate - 740.593.2007
Scripps College of Communication
Undergraduate - Sandy Rawlins - 740.593.2197
Graduate - Dr. Hans Kruse - 740.593.9860
Patton College of Education
Undergraduate - Floyd Doney - 740.593.4400
Graduate - Floyd Doney - 740.593.4400
Russ College of Engineering & Technology
Undergraduate - Jeff Giesey - 740.593.1573
Graduate - Shawn Ostermann - 740.593.1482
College of Fine Arts
Undergraduate - Maureen Wagner - 740.593.1813
Graduate - Jody Lamb - 740.593.1811
Honors Tutorial College - 740.593.2723
College of Health Sciences and Professions
Undergraduate - Rebecca Zuspan - 740.593.9336
Graduate - 740.593.9336
Center for International Studies
Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
Tammy Andrews - 740.593.2365
Regional Higher Education
Carissa Anderson - 740.597.1553
University College
Tanya Barnett - 740.593.1935
Voinovich School
Graduate - 740.593.9358


International students should visit the Office of International Student and Faculty Services (Walter International Education Center) to complete a departure notification form. Take a copy of your graduation application with you.


Graduating students needing an official degree-bearing transcript as soon as available after graduation for an employer, a school system, etc., should order transcripts after the dates listed below:

January 25, 2015 - for transcripts to reflect degree(s) earned for fall semester
June 3, 2016 - for transcripts to reflect degree(s) earned for spring semester
September 12, 2016 - for transcripts to reflect degree(s) earned for summer semester

A copy of your transcript will not be mailed with your diploma, but may be ordered online, in person, by fax, or through the mail. Transcripts may be requested online at or at Registrar Services, Chubb Hall. Those wishing to order an official transcript through the mail should send their request to the Office of the University Registrar, Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701-2979, and / or fax at 740.593.4184 with the following information: A. Full Name B. PID or Social Security number C. Date of Birth D. Student Signature E. Dates of Attendance/Term of Graduation F. Complete Address(es) for Mailing of Transcript(s). If you wish your transcript(s) to indicate your recently conferred degree, you must specifically indicate this on your request. Degree-bearing transcripts will not be available until four to six weeks after graduation. Transcripts are $6.00 per copy and are mailed within three business days. We also offer Transcripts-Now Service (same business day) and transcripts are $12.00 per copy. Same day transcripts process immediately and may not include grades or degrees.  Please refer to dates listed above for degree-bearing transcripts.  

Please enclose payment with your request, or pay in person. Transcripts will not be mailed for students with financial or other obligations to the University. If you have any questions concerning your transcript, please contact the Office of the University Registrar 740.593.4206 or


Your diploma will be mailed to you approximately eight weeks after graduation to the address supplied on your application. The Office of the University Registrar receives the graduation conferral/denial lists from the college office indicating the graduation status of each candidate. Diplomas are mailed First Class. If your diploma mailing address changes, please notify the Graduation Department by calling 740.593.4196 or send an email to Diplomas will not be mailed for students with financial or other obligations to the University until the holds are released. Diplomas are issued by Ohio University in the following sizes: Associate's Degree 11W x 8.5H, Bachelor's and Master's Degree 14W x 11H; Doctoral and Medical 15W x 12H. If you have any questions concerning your diploma, please contact the Graduation Department, 740.593.4196 or


If you receive a bachelor's degree and you graduate with an accumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.500 to 3.749, your accomplishment will be recognized by the notation "Cum Laude" on your diploma and transcript; if your GPA is 3.750 to 3.899, the honor is "Magna Cum Laude"; and if your GPA is 3.900 to 4.000, the honor is "Summa Cum Laude." To be eligible for honors, you must complete a minimum of 48 quarter hours/30 semester hours of coursework with letter grades that affect your GPA in residence at Ohio University. The honors printed in the commencement program for spring candidates are tentative, based on the most recent GPA prior to spring semester. Final honors will be determined after spring semester grades are processed.


Ohio University Event Services emails commencement ceremony information to all graduation applicants from the previous summer or fall terms, as well as to current spring semester graduation applicants. The annual graduate commencement ceremony is held on the Friday before the spring semester closing date; there are two undergraduate commencement ceremonies held on the spring semester closing date (a Saturday); the annual medical commencement is held one week after the spring semester closing date (a Saturday). Ohio University Event Services will announce each year which ceremony undergraduates should attend based on the student's college. Students who apply for spring semester graduation are listed as "Candidates for Degrees" in the commencement program since final approval of the degree is completed after the close of the semester. Students that have requested confidentiality of their educational records must release the confidentiality hold in order to be included in the commencement program. If you have any questions concerning the commencement ceremony or purchasing a cap and gown, please contact Ohio University Event Services, Baker University Center 347, (740) 593-4020. Information about the commencement ceremony and cap and gown sales is also available at the commencement website at


Graduation announcements are available through Ohio University Printing Services.

Diploma frames are available through Ohio University's Bobcat Depot.

The local bookstores--Follett's and College Bookstore have graduation announcements and diploma frames available for purchase. For information, please contact: College Bookstore - 740.594.3505; Follett's University Bookstore - 740.593.5547.


Receptions are held by each college for those students participating in the annual commencement. The locations and dates of the receptions are determined by each college. Please contact your college for details.


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