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Graduation Application

The graduation application, for all degrees, will is available in the My OHIO Student Center.
The deadline to apply for FALL graduation is Monday, September 28, 2015, for all degrees.

NEW: Ohio University is offering a fall commencement ceremony on Saturday, December 12, 2015, on the Athens Campus. 

How To Apply:
  • Sign in to My OHIO Student Center
  • Click on "other academic..."
  • Choose "Apply for Graduation OHIO.”
  • You will be taken to the graduation application.
  • Respond to the questions and complete the fields in the application. Click “Save and continue” to progress through the application. Your application is not complete until you have clicked “Complete Application” on the page that summarizes all of your application details. This will finalize your application and you will not be able to make any changes after this step. Once you complete the application, any changes must be made by sending an email to or by calling 740.593.4196.
  • Within the application you may optionally “Save” your application prior to completing it. For example, if you don’t have time to complete it at once or need to gather information prior to finalizing you can log out after you have clicked one of the “Save and continue” buttons. Your application will be saved and you will be able to log on before the deadline to complete the other items and finalize your application by clicking “Complete Application.” If you have initiated but not completed the application process, you will receive an email a few days before the application deadline reminding you to finalize your application. If you don’t finalize your application by clicking “Complete Application,” you will not be considered for graduation, your name will not appear in the commencement program, and your account will not be assessed a graduation application fee.
  • You will receive an email with a confirmation number for your application for graduation. If you do not have a confirmation number then your graduation application has not been submitted.

Detailed Instructions:

1. To Apply: Sign in to My OHIO Student Center
     a. Click on "other academic..."
     b. Choose "Apply for Graduation OHIO.”

2. You will be taken to the graduation application.

3. All of your active majors, minors, and certificates will be displayed and will default to “Apply.”
a. If you plan to complete any of the major(s), minor(s), and/or certificate(s) at a later  date, select “Will complete later” from the drop down box to the right of the major(s)/minor(s)/certificate(s).

Spring Semester Only
: You will then see a “Completion Term” drop down box appear,
from which you will choose the term in which you will complete the requirements.
Note: If you select a completion term of Summer Semester 2014-15 or Fall Semester 2015-16, you will automatically be reapplied for graduation for the term you selected, after spring semester concludes. Your account will be assessed a reapplication fee of $5 for each degree you indicated you would complete later. The charge(s) will appear on your account in the reapplication term.

b. If you do not plan to complete one or more of the major(s), minor(s), and/or certificate(s), then please select “Will never complete” from the drop down box to the right of the major(s)/minor(s)/certificate(s).

c. Baccalaureate degree-seeking students will see a Departmental Honors drop down box to the right of the Graduation Options drop down box. If you are completing a departmental honors thesis, select one of the department names from the drop down box. Note: This does not include students who anticipate graduating with Latin honors or any other type of honor.

d. You might be asked, “Will you be enrolling in a future term?” Please select “Yes” or “No” from the drop down box. The default is “No”, so if you will be enrolling in a future term you will need to select “Yes.”

e. Please click “Save and continue” to move on to the next question.
4. Verify how your name should be printed on your diploma and in the commencement program.
a. Make changes as necessary, but your name must be a version of your legal name. Note: Name changes other than shortening your first and/or middle names or removing your middle name will require legal documentation.

b. Click "Save and Continue."
5. Update the address to which your diploma should be mailed, if it is not already accurate. Note: Diplomas will not be mailed until 8 weeks after the semester end date.
a. You might be prompted to verify the address entered, if it does not match United States Postal regulations.

b. Click “Accept and Continue” or "Save and Continue," as prompted.
6. Enter any pending transfer courses if you are transferring coursework from another college or university to complete your degree requirements.
a. Please include courses only if you have not previously been granted Ohio University credit. Enter the institution name, course title, and the credit hours being transferred. Please do not include your current Ohio University courses.

b. Click "Save and Continue."
7. Several questions about commencement appear next:
a. Are you planning to attend the commencement ceremony at the Athens Campus in the Spring? Please select “Yes” or “No” from the drop down box.

b. Are you planning to attend a recognition ceremony at one of the regional campuses in the Spring? Please select “Yes” or “No” from the drop down box. Note: If you select “Yes,” you will be required to select one of the regional campuses from the drop down box.

c. Spring Semester Only: You are able to purchase regalia (cap/gown, tassel, hood) and have the fee charged to your student account. The fee amount is provided within the application and varies based upon level of degree. If you wish to purchase regalia please select the appropriate size from the Cap and Gown drop down box. Note: Regalia fees are non-refundable.

d. Click "Save and continue."
8. If you are applying for a baccalaureate degree, you will be given the opportunity to complete an optional survey. Click the next button to navigate through the survey.

9. Click “Continue” to review and finalize your graduation application.

10. Review your responses listed on the summary page. If you have no changes, please finalize your application by clicking “Complete Application” at the bottom of the page. This finalizes your application, and once clicked, you must contact or call 740.593.4196 to request any changes.
a. At the bottom of the screen, any charges your account will be assessed are displayed. Charges will post within 24 hours of your completed application.

b. Displayed at the top of this page is the message “Your application for Spring Semester 2014-15 is complete!” along with a confirmation number. You may print this page for future reference.

c. You will receive a confirmation email to your OHIO email account, which will include the confirmation number that is displayed on your completed application.

d. You may also log into the Application for Graduation to view your completed application.

Any questions regarding the graduation application process should be directed to or call 740.593.4196.

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