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Certified Electronic Diploma FAQ

CeDiploma FAQ

What is a CeDiploma?

  • CeDiploma is short for Certified Electronic Diploma. A CeDiploma is an official, highly secure electronic copy of your Ohio University diploma that may be downloaded and shared for a lifetime.

Where do I go to get access to my CeDiploma?

Can I obtain an electronic copy of my diploma if I graduated prior to Spring Semester 2015-16?

  • No. CeDiplomas are available to graduates beginning with those who graduate from Ohio University Spring Semester 2015-16 or after.

Can I download the CeDiploma? Can I send it via email to others?

  • Yes, you can download a digitally signed copy of your CeDiploma. You can then email it to anyone you desire, and it will retain the Adobe Digital Signature and CeDiD for validation purposes.

How do I know if the CeDiploma I received is valid?

  • There are two ways to validate your electronic diploma (this also is noted on the second page of the diploma after you download it).

    1. You can validate the CeDiploma directly through Ohio University's website at https://www.ohio.edu/registrar/cediploma-validation.cfm or by clicking the link on the second page of the CeDiploma and typing the necessary information where indicated.
    2. If you are using Adobe Reader or Acrobat 9.0 or higher, you will be able to view the digital signature which is shown at the top of the PDF, and is part of the overall security of the document.  If the digital signature shows a Blue Ribbon it means that document has not been tampered with; any other symbol signifies the document cannot be trusted.

    Please note: Other PDF/digital readers and some mobile devices may not be able to show the Digital Signature/Blue Ribbon.

Why does the certificate used to digitally sign the documents say CeCredential Trust?

  • CeCredential Trust is the branded name of the digital signature that Ohio University's vendor uses to digitally sign all CeDiplomas.

When I pull up my CeDiploma on my iPhone/iPad it only loads half way on the screen and then a line appears.

  • This issue is due to the version of your operating system on your iPhone/iPad, or your PDF viewer that the browser is using to open the CeDiploma. In the case of the iPhone/iPad, updating to the most recent operating system (iOS) usually solves the problem.

I am using a web browser to open the PDF, but it will not open properly.

  • The CeDiploma is best viewed in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader. Some features may not be available when viewed in a web browser's default viewer. Please change the default viewer in your web browser so that it utilizes Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

I have a hold on my record; can I receive my CeDiploma?

  • Requests from current or former students with unmet obligations to Ohio University (e.g. holds) cannot be honored. To resolve financial holds, please contact the Bursar's Office at bursar@ohio.edu.

    You may see the details of any hold you may have by viewing it in your MyOHIO Student Center.

Can I order a CeDiploma without my OHIO ID and password?

  • No. You must use your OHIO ID and password when ordering a CeDiploma.

    If you have forgotten or need help changing your OHIO password, please contact the service desk at 740.593.1222 or servicedesk@ohio.edu. Online help is available at https://www.ohio.edu/oit/help/