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Tier III Equivalent Courses

In April 2005 Faculty Senate passed a resolution and the Provost approved it to allow capstone courses (Tier III Equivalents) to be substituted for the current Tier III course requirement.

 In April 2009, Faculty Senate passes a resolution and the Provost approved it to update (but make no substantive changes to) the General Education requirements for the transition from quarters to semesters. A minimum of three hours is required with at least two hours earned as a senior. Courses completed Fall 2004-2005 or later will count toward Tier III.

A list of approved Tier III equivalent courses is available in the undergraduate catalog by going to Course Descriptions and placing T3 in the keyword or phrase search. Tier III equivalent courses are also listed in the Master Curriculum File with a 3 in the General Education column.

To see what Tier III equivalent courses are offered each semester, visit Course Offerings and choose Tier III Synthesis (3) in the General Education Code search.

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