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Summer Work Load Policy

This policy covers any course between the last day of the spring semester and the first day of the fall semester.

  • No faculty member is required to teach in the summer.
  • Summer teaching by Group I faculty should not interfere with scholarship.
  • All summer courses, regardless of session, compression, or delivery format, count toward load.
  • Load implications of internships, practicums, labs, arranged studies, and other types of courses will be calculated according to established policies.
  • A Group I or II faculty member may teach a maximum of 15 semester credits or equivalents over the Summer Term as agreed to and scheduled by the campus associate dean.
  • A Group I or Group II faculty member may teach a maximum of 9 credits during one of the 7-week sessions of Summer Term.
  • Exceptions to this policy will be rare. The campus dean will submit a written justification requesting an exception to the Executive Dean for Regional Higher Education.
  • Maximum teaching loads include teaching at all campuses and eLearning.


Approved by Regional Deans October 1, 2013