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RHE Scholarship Release


  1. New, untenured Group I faculty will receive an annual 1-course release during their first two years of probationary status. Faculty with this release may not teach overload when the release is taken.
  2. The five categories of scholarship detailed in the “Scholarship Categories for Teaching Load Reduction” document will be used to determine a relative ranking of potential awardees. Categories 1 and 2 will receive “automatic releases” in the academic year following the acceptance of a manuscript for publication or following the dissemination of the scholarship. Further, these five categories can serve as a guide to the relative merit of proposed scholarship for those faculty members applying for releases awarded under the process outlined in item #3.
  3. A competitive application process will be established as an option for faculty who do not otherwise receive release time. These faculty members may apply for a release for scholarship or creative activity that they propose to work on.   The application shall include measures of the amount of teaching the applicant is engaged in. Specifically, the applicant should report the number of classes taught, number of students taught, and the number of class preparations on load and overload they are responsible for. These proposals will come to the Faculty Development Committee for review and for recommendation to the regional deans.
  4. Faculty who feel they should have received an automatic release but did not, based on the judgment of the Campus Dean or Division Coordinator, may write a letter of appeal to the Chair of the Faculty Development Committee. The Committee will discuss the matter and issue a recommendation to the Campus Dean and the Executive Dean.
  5. Automatic awards for completed scholarship will be based on scholarship completed with the last evaluation period.
  6. No restrictions are placed on overload teaching for faculty who receive automatic awards (with the exception of automatic releases for probationary faculty as noted above).
  7. Faculty who apply for release time through the competitive process will not teach overload during the semester of the release. Their planned teaching load must be described in their application. (An incidental overload of one or sometimes two credits may be unavoidable in cases where the faculty member teaches 4- or 5-credit courses. This is allowable although consistent teaching of two credits of overload is not encouraged.)

Recommended by the RHE Faculty Development Committee November 14, 2014

Adopted by the Regional Deans November 18, 2014