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Faculty Development

Identify issues and topics appropriate to the continued professional growth and development of the faculty on the regional campuses. Tasks include:
–Promote and encourage scholarly activity at Ohio University’s regional campuses
–Identify and support means for recognizing and rewarding faculty achievement
–Define policies and procedures for faculty development requests
–Review faculty development grant requests and professional development leave proposals

Two tenured faculty members from each of the regional campuses and a designated representative of the central administration for regional campuses. All members will be appointed by the Executive Dean in consultation with regional campus deans.

2017-2018 Members
David Castle, Purba Das, Patrick Drumm (Chair), Charles Jarrett, Pamela June, James McKean, Dywayne Nicely, Gabriela Popa, Sheida Shirvani, Jim Smith (Dean's representative), Christine Wolfe

Committee bylaws