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Work Request Information

Filling out an  Online Work Request  is the first step to contacting us for the services we provide. This includes services such as office and building clean-out, organizing recycling and refuse for an event, receiving everyday and desk side containers, and large item pick-ups. Our services do not include the aiding in the destruction of confidential materials, see bellow for more information on where else to go for that service.

Feel free to call or email, but filling out an  Online Work Request  is the ONLY way to start receiving services.

Our services include (but aren't limited to): 

Other services include: 

  • End of fall and spring semester food collection 
  • Residence hall move-out recyclables and reusables recovery 
  • Residence move-in cardboard recovery 
  • Recyclemania 
  • Reusables recycling and waste management 
  • Green Bag Program 
  • Office and storage area clean-out 
  • Maintenance or recycling and dumpster areas 
  • Campus event recycling 
  • Sporting events, luncheons, concerts, activities on the Green, etc. 
  • Theater set recovery 
  • Green Week Air Band materials recovery 
  • Homecoming float materials recovery 
  • Pre-building clean-outs 
  • Construction and demolition material recovery