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Recycle at OU

RecycleMania 2019


Get ready, Bobcats, for Recyclemania 2019! This is an 8-week long nationwide competition against colleges and universities to see who can divert the most waste from their waste stream. In other words, this is a recycling war! Ohio University is a two-time National Gameday Challenge champions. We are currently on our 6th week of the competition, and amazingly we have diverted over half a million pounds! Keep up the good work, bobcats. 


Recyclebots, ROLL OUT!

bots Introducing, the Recyclebots! Bobcats Recycle and Passionworks joined together to create amazing robots out of recycled parts. Participate in this social media campaign for a chance to win a prize from Brenen's, Casa Nueva, Whit's, Court Street Coffee, and Donkey Coffee. Instructions are to find a recyclebot, take a picture with it and share it to @BobcatsRecycle on Twitter. If luck's on your side, you will be our winner! 


NO Foods, NO Bags, NO Liquids

no bags no foods no liquids

China recently stopped accepting plastic products from other countries, creating a global plastic crisis. Athens Hocking Recycling Center can no longer accept plastic bags and film plastics as a recycled product. In order to lessen the usage of plastic bags, Campus Recycling is asking for the public to stop using plastic bags and start bring your own bags. Click here to learn more about Campus Recycling's new initiative. 

Be smart and reuse, reduce, recycle. 


Easier than Ever: 

Mixed Recycling: Ohio University and Athens City have gone Single-stream -- a newer and more efficient method than previous practices. All clean paper, cardboard, cartons, glass bottles and jars, metal cans, aluminum foil, and #1 through #7 plastics including plastic bags are now recycled together in a single container!  Learn more

lazy bobcat


80% Sustainability Goal

Ohio University has set a goal of recycling 80% of all waste generated. Campus Recycling is responsible for maintaining, monitoring, troubleshooting and upgrading the recycling and solid waste at all campus buildings and grounds areas. Within these areas are 4,000 recycling units in residence halls consisting of 16,000 bins; 350 bins in apartments; and recycling containers in all offices and other areas in academic, administrative and support areas.