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Recycle at OU

Prepare for Move-OUt 2018!


We are nearing another end of a great year. As students start preparing for their summers, they are also preparing for move-out. Campus Recycling is here to help you take your unwanted/unneeded items and donate them to local families in need. From small items such as clothes or household appliances, to huge furniture pieces such as rugs and couches. Avoid throwing out your broken furniture in the dumpster! Help the community by donating and recycling your unwanted items. Visit our Move-Out page for more information.


Community Recycling Day


Have any items you want recycled or donated? Campus Recycling is working together with the Athens County in holding an event on May 12th, from 8AM - Noon where anyone is welcomed to bring items and gently used donations to the Athens County Fairgrounds. There has been a few changes to the event so please read the flier carefully. It is no longer taking place on March 10th, we've moved it forward two months. We apologize for the mix-up. For a better view of the graphic, click here. We hope to see you there!


Recyclemania 2018 Success!


Campus Recycling started off the year strong with another success at the GameDay Recycling Challenge. We have successfully diverted a 97% contention rate and have a good chance in winning this year's Game Day Challenge as well. We have won the MAC award and is now the 4 times reigning national championship, twice in football games (2016 and 2017) and twice in basketball games (2017 and 2018). Check out the results on the Recyclemania website!

For more information about the GameDay Challenges,  click here


Easier than Ever: 

Mixed Recycling: Ohio University and Athens City have gone Single-stream -- a newer and more efficient method than previous practices. All clean paper, cardboard, cartons, glass bottles and jars, metal cans, aluminum foil, and #1 through #7 plastics including plastic bags are now recycled together in a single container!  Learn more

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80% Sustainability Goal

Ohio University has set a goal of recycling 80% of all waste generated. Campus Recycling is responsible for maintaining, monitoring, troubleshooting and upgrading the recycling and solid waste at all campus buildings and grounds areas. Within these areas are 4,000 recycling units in residence halls consisting of 16,000 bins; 350 bins in apartments; and recycling containers in all offices and other areas in academic, administrative and support areas.