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"Your Why" Matters

Your well-being matters. We want to hear from you. Regardless of whether you're a student, faculty, staff, or community member, "your why" matters. Share your story below about why well-being is important to you and how the Department of University Well-Being & Recreation has made an impact on you personally. Share your story with us as we create a culture of well-being within the Bobcat community. 

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Our Well-Being Stories

Julia Ambrozy - Applied Nutrition Major

"I love working with friends that are like-minded to me and share an interest in health." 


Julia Ambrozy

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Joe Wakeley - Assistant Director, Campus Recreation, Aquatics

"At the Aquatic Center, I have had the chance to chat with different individuals about their well-being."


Joe Wakeley - My Why

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Tessa Corio - Exercise Physiology Major

"Working out at Ping has cleared my mind and challenged my physical strength."


Tessa Corio - My Why

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Liz Sanchez
University Well-Being & Recreation Practicum Student